What is online bingo?

Online bingo is an increasingly popular form of the game, which is played on the internet, using a random number generator instead of real balls. It is believed to have started in the 1990s and today there are an overwhelming number of websites like Gala Bingo and bgo to choose from.

There are four main types of online bingo played across the globe, which relate to the various versions played in traditional bingo halls in different countries. In North America, they play a 75-ball version on a 5×5 card, whereas in the UK, a 90-ball version on 9×3 cards is played; both versions are commonly found online. In the UK variation, the aim is to mark a complete line of five numbers. This initial stage is called ‘one line’.  The next row of five numbers marked is called ‘two lines’ and when three rows of five numbers are marked, it is known as a ‘full house’, which is the biggest of the three prizes. If more than one player wins, the prize is split equally.

When starting to play online, there are an enormous number of bingo websites to choose from. Some require you to download software in order to play, while others allow you to play immediately using JavaScript or Adobe Flash players. There are free bingo sites that will award you small amounts of money and others where the stakes are much higher.

Online bingo has a great sense of community, with gamers encouraged to chat to each other as they play. Talking during a game would be frowned upon in a traditional bingo hall, but online it is encouraged. Chat functionality is presumed to improve customer experience and keep players coming back for more.

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