Virtual reality

If you like horse racing but prefer pure probability rather than the unpredictability of a living, highly-strung thoroughbred on a given race meet, then perhaps virtual horse racing is for you. The runners and race is entirely computer generated and the top three finishers are decided the moment the race starts.

Odds reflect the real chance of a horse winning as opposed to being representative of how much money is being staked by other customers and those odds are completely fixed. A good analogy would be to imagine a game of pure chance. If you have a bag full of coloured balls present in differing proportions, you are more likely to select a ball whose colour is most represented in the bag. For example, if 70% of balls are red and 30% are green, you are more likely to take a red ball, but of course there is still a chance of taking a green ball. This is reflected in the virtual race as the favourite does not always win. A random number generator is used to select the top three finishers in each race. 

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