Tips for the casino beginner

Casinos use a variety of methods to keep customers gambling for longer; these range from no windows or clocks so you can’t tell what time it is, free alcohol and a maze of brightly coloured and loud games.

In this guide we’ll teach you how to counteract these casino tactics so that you have the best time possible. Most of these tips will seem like common sense, but you’ll be surprised by how many people forget or get distracted when in a casino.

Know the odds

Casinos are businesses at the end of the day and are geared towards making money, so knowing your odds can help you have a productive stay. Casinos overload your senses with bright light and loud noises, but taking your time and keeping a clear head when playing is imperative.

Only take what you can afford to lose

Again this sounds like basic advice, but many people have fallen foul at casinos and have ended up broke. Before heading to the casino decide how much you are willing to lose, take that out as cash and leave your credit cards at home or in your room.

Knowing when to quit

Everybody likes to win, and while you are winning it is important to know when to quit. Just as small losses add up, so do small winnings, so when you hit an amount that you’re happy with leave the game. The same is true when losing, don’t be tempted to go back to the cash machine if you’re having a bad night, just leave the casino and live to fight another day.

Wear a watch

As stated before, casinos don’t have any windows or clocks so that people lose track of time. Wearing a watch can help you to gage how long you’ve been playing a specific game for and can help you decide when to call it quits.

Don’t drink alcohol

Casinos offer you free drinks, why? because they want you to gamble more. Alcohol impairs judgement and dulls the senses making it more likely that you’ll make a mistake. It is best to avoid alcohol completely when you’re gambling.

Take regular breaks

Gambling, especially for a number of hours is hard work physically and mentally, so it is recommended that you take regular breaks throughout your stay. Get up and walk around for a while, or head to one of the restaurants for a snack or bite to eat. This will recharge your body both physically and mentally ready for the next stint.

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