The popularity of mobile bingo continues

With the ever increasing use of smartphones, for tasks that just a few years ago would have seemed impossible, it follows that it would not be long before we could play casino games on our smartphone.

Online bingo has proved to be a great success and you can now play this popular game where ever you happen to be on your smartphone, just as long as you have a connection either through your network provider or WiFi. Mobile bingo offers the same bingo bonuses online as the websites and with exactly the same games as your desktop computer.

You can choose your favourite casino and just stick with them, or you might download a few, but one thing that you may notice is that, although the colours as well as themes change, the basic layout remains pretty much the same. Why is this, well it’s because they are networked, this allows better jackpots and other tempting offers, they just pool resources and it makes sense, the more players, the better all round.

There are many bingo networks which you can access on your smartphone just the same as you would find on your computer at home. Some of the biggest include software from Playtech, Cassava (which uses 888), Globalcom, and Virtue Fusion. All the names will be familiar if you play on your computer, they just about had market dominance, now the smartphone is with us, it has not taken long for them to become one of the biggest providers in the mobile field.

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