Texas Hold’em poker hands

Starting at the top and working down, the best hand you can get in Texas Hold’em is a Royal Flush.  This means all the face cards from one suit, consecutively numbered, starting with ace and ending with a ten. Technically, it’s the highest version of the straight flush.
Next best on the board is the Straight Flush.  Again, five cards in the same suit, numbered consecutively.  So, for example, five diamonds; three, four, five, six, seven.

Another hand, of less value, is Four of a Kind.  This is not four of the same suit, but for of the same value, for example four fours. Or four kings.  Four kings beats four threes.  The higher the cards, the better are your chances.  This rule is holds fast throughout poker.

Next best is the Full House – three of a kind, plus a pair.  Three threes and a pair of twos, for example, is a low full house which can be beaten by one which is higher, such as three kings and a pair of aces.

Five cards of the same suit make a Flush.  It is a nice hand, and often a winner, but not to be trusted.

A straight is five cards of different suits, numbered consecutively.  It is simple, exciting, but easily beaten.

Three of a kind can be three of any number, such as three twos, three aces, three kings.  It
is just like Four of Kind, but not as good.

Two pairs is often a winner, but not the best, so watch the betting and look out for half-formed straights and flushes.

A single pair makes the game worth staying in for, but if the betting gets outrageous, or there is clearly a straight or a flush in the offing, steer clear, there will only be trouble ahead.

A high card is the best card on the table, hopefully an ace. There’s a bittersweet nothing about a winning high card of an eight or lower.

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