Sports betting – what will you choose?

Sports betting is simply wagering on the outcome of a sporting event. This practice has been in existence since the advent of sporting events. In spite of its popularity, it remains illegal in various countries worldwide. Nowadays sports betting can be done online.

There is a wide variety of sports to be bet on. The most common include football, basketball, horseracing, cricket, rugby and boxing. Different sports have various systems for betting and making odds. Sports betting does have its own language that may seem confusing to novice bettors.

People involved

The main people involved in sports betting, apart from the bettors, are the odds makers and the bookmakers. Odds makers are individuals who study the games and set the betting odds for each game. This is also known as setting the line. These individuals consider several variables when determining the odds. The variables include the teams’ recent season performance, the home advantage, the weather, team morale and the playing surface, among others.

Bookmakers or bookies are the people who get the odds for a particular game, offer bets at those odds, collect money from losers and pay the winners. They make a profit by taking a percentage of all the bets. This percentage is referred to as the “juice”.

Sports betting is usually frowned upon because it can affect the outcome of the game.  There have been numerous scandals where gamblers attempted to manipulate game results by bribing sports players. Countries that allow sports betting often have controls in place to check game manipulation.

Novelty betting

The thrill of a sporting event, such as the World Snooker Championships, currently underway in Sheffield, can be increased by putting a wager on the outcome, with the opportunity to make the stake back plus a bonus on top of that.  Betting on sporting events, including snooker betting, forms the core of the gambling industry, but other events can also be bet on.  Known to bookmakers as novelty bets, these wagers can be placed across a whole series of interests.

Novelty betting has emerged as an increasingly popular form of gambling, allowing punters to place bets on everything from the Oscars and general elections to the outcome of their favourite reality television programme.

The thrill to be gained from putting down a wager in terms of world championship snooker betting is beyond doubt, but novelty betting is sufficient to make a seemingly inconsequential event much more exciting.  Novelty betting also gives betting enthusiasts the chance to gain greater insight into an event they might otherwise have paid little or no attention to, with the added bonus that they may well profit from the event themselves.

Is Bigger Always Better When Choosing a Free Bet?

Because bookmaking is so competitive and there is a lot of money to be lost by slashing odds on events, an easier way to boost profit margins and entice new customers is to allocate a fund dedicated to giving them a free bet as a registration bonus. For us, it may seem logical to choose the largest possible free bet, but that might not actually be the case.

What should I be looking for?

As with anything money related, the fine print of the terms and conditions is an invaluable read. You may find some less than favourable practices here that limit the worth of a free bet, so be sure to read carefully in order to find the ones that are made to be the very best deal for you.

When looking to open an account for myself, I noticed that one of the largest online bookmakers had a note saying that the free bet stake will not be included in the winnings. This means that if I bet £20 at 5-1 – with £10 of that being my bet and the other £10 being a free bet, I stand to take home £110 instead of £120. The way betting usually works is that you get the money back that you bet, plus the earnings accumulated from winning. Since that bookmaker didn’t offer that, I was forced to look elsewhere.

Should I avoid free bets entirely?

Not at all. There are, of course, some companies that will do all they can to avoid giving you that extra money through a clause in the contract, but that’s not to say that free bets are a poor system. All it really means is that you shouldn’t jump straight in to the biggest free bet you see, but look at the terms before you deposit a single penny.

Double chance betting

If you love your football and want to add extra excitement to any match, having a bet on the side is a great way of ensuring that added interest.  Betting on one team to win or a draw can obviously result in double disappointment if your team loses and your bet is lost alongside it.  The advantage of a double chance bet is that it gives you the opportunity to bet on two possible outcomes of the match.  So, if you are particularly interested in premier league betting and there is a big game on, you can bet on two potential results, for example, a home win and a draw.  If either of those situations arises at the end of the game, you win!  If the away side won, then you lose.  You can choose any combination of winners, losers, or drawers, even betting on both sides winning and coming out a winner yourself! 

The advantage to the person who is betting is obvious; you are potentially covering your initial bet with a secondary one, giving you the opportunity to protect or reduce the impact of the loss of your initial bet. Therefore, if your Premier League betting was for a home win, and the game was drawn, and your double chance bet said a draw, you still win.

The disadvantage of this bet is that the odds on a double chance bet are obviously not going to be as generous as those that predict a single outright result though this type of bet is ideal for a fun wager. 

Snooker Heroes

Snooker has many heroes and personalities, and one of the most famous is the UK based player, Steve Davis OBE.

Many gamblers focus their snooker betting around the success stories of some of the game’s major players.  Steve Davis always attracts a strong following due in part to his skill and the number of years he has successfully remained as snooker professional.  Davis started playing the game as a child and is one of the only players to become both World Champion and UK Champion in the same year.  He achieved the first ever 147-ball break in a major tournament in 1982 and to date has won a tremendous 73 professional tournaments.  When Steve Davis isn’t playing the game he commentates on both TV and radio and is probably one of the most famous snooker professionals of all time.

Another popular player was the late Alex ‘Hurricane’ Higgins. Higgins was the polar opposite in terms of personality and game style to Davis, and he died in 2010 of throat cancer.  Sadly his flamboyant behaviour outside the snooker world became as infamous as his skill on the snooker table.  He was the youngest World Champion, winning that award when he was only 22.  In 1983 he successfully beat Steve Davis in the Coral UK Snooker Championship.  As Higgins game declined, his alcohol-fuelled activities increased and in 1986 he actually head butted an official during the 1986 UK Open after the hapless official had asked Higgins to take a drug test.

Free bets and Sports Betting

Getting the most value out of your online sports betting experience is the most important thing to you as the bettor and to any of the businesses that are competing for your support as their client. One of the best ways that you can find value is by finding bookmakers that will offer you free bets when you sign up and deposit money for betting on their sites.

Often, it is the affiliate companies that advertise online that can offer you exclusive bonuses to help increase the traffic to specific bookmaker sites. Being able to get the most for your bets and the most for your money can be done by taking advantage of these free bets. They are a great way to help supplement your online betting bankroll and keep you in the game longer whilst winning more money.

Whether it is giving you the freedom and flexibility to place bigger bets or to make that one bet you were not sure you wanted to make because it was just a little too much of a long shot, you can make that bet with confidence when it is offered to you as a free bet. Take advantage online today.

Tips on snooker betting

Snooker is one of the most popular sports on TV. The combination of skill and temperament required by the top players makes for compelling viewing. The game has grown into a worldwide phenomenon and it attracts players and spectators from every part of the globe.

If you are a fan of the green baize, you might want to try snooker betting. The rise of online bookmakers has made the process of having a bet on snooker easier than ever. Many of the leading bookmakers offer snooker free bets to entice you to join them online. When you have created your account, you will be able to bet on any of the major snooker tournaments across the world. You could choose to pick your favourite before a tournament starts and hope they can claim the crown. Alternatively, you may have thoughts on who will win a particular match during the event, and some bookmakers will even allow you an in-play bet.

Having a flutter on your favourite sport will add a little extra excitement to your snooker viewing.

Guide to Snooker Betting

With the increase and development of betting in-running, snooker betting is set to become ever more popular.  Snooker games constantly twist and turn, and it promises to be a great game to bet on with its different markets such as game betting and highest break.

Snooker betting is mainly focused around the major ranking events which include the British Open, the UK Championship, the Welsh Open, Irish Masters and the Premier League.  However the height of the snooker season is the Snooker World Championship which takes place every May and is played over two weeks at the Crucible in Sheffield.

Wembley Arena hosts the Masters, which is the first major tournament every year.  Although it is not a ranking tournament, the Masters always proves to be very special as only the top 16 players compete in the tournament.  In 2011, English snooker player Mark Selby had an excellent run in the tournament, but it was Chinese player Ding Junhui who was finally victorious and beat Marco Fu in the final.

Most of these events will have ante post betting available and the leading bookmakers will offer odds on these ranking events. Several online bookmakers will also offer snooker free bets.  Some of the most popular snooker bets include Match Betting (betting on individual players to win), Outright Betting (betting before play starts and at breaks in play), Frame Betting (betting on a frame score) and Live Snooker In-Running Bets (including next frame winner and top break).

Cricket – A Sport Made by Gambling

In 2000 Hansi Cronje, captain of South Africa, was banned for life from the game of cricket after being found guilty of match fixing on behalf of some shadowy, illegal Indian bookmakers.  The general public, and most cricket lovers, were shocked not only by his betrayal of his team, but also by how much gambling meant to a game usually associated with the genteel conservatism of Lords and the stuffy MCC.
The public, influenced by Newbolt’s deathless verse, “Play up, play up, and play the game”, had come to believe that cricket came from the same Victorian tradition as rugby, football and all the other team games, and had no idea about its dark past; Cronje was not the first player to be banned for gambling misdemeanours.

Cricket had been a rural children’s game in southeast England for hundreds of years when the cash rich gentlemen of England discovered it, along with working men who had the skills to make matches competitive.  During the eighteenth century, these labourers became the first professional cricketers as their employers collected teams from towns and counties, and wagered large sums on the matches.

The growth of the game – north to Yorkshire, west to North America, and east to India – was suspended when the gentlemen went off to war.  Once Napoleon was defeated and the gentlemen sponsors returned, the betting business paid for exhibition games by All England XI’s and XXII’s against teams from all over the country, promoting the sport in every town, village, and school in the land. 

And the first man banned for match fixing?  Star player William Lambert was banned from Lord’s for life, in 1817.

Going To The Dogs

Modern greyhound racing is another ideal opportunity for gambling.  The first mechanised hare, which entices the dogs to sprint and try to catch the animal, was developed in the UK in 1912.  The sport is international and is followed across the globe, from Mexico to Vietnam.

Facts and Figures

Around 3.2million people a year attend racetrack meetings, though the number of stadia across the UK are declining.  One of the most famous, Walthamstow, was closed in 2010 after 75 years in the business.  Greyhounds are hard to analyse in terms of betting, they are notoriously fickle and this type of gambling is very much down to luck and chance.  The dogs cover around 480 meters in approximately 28 seconds.  Gambling and bets at the races used to be registered with the Tote, or Totalisator, which displayed the bets placed and worked out the odds on each dog in each race.  This machinery has largely been displaced by computerisation and the use of LCD display boards.


The punter, or gambler, can either place a bet at the track, in a corner shop bookies or online.  As soon as a greyhound’s nose has touched the finishing line, the race will to be won by that particular dog.  The bookie or online site will offer you the odds on your particular choice of animal and, with any luck, the dog will win and, depending on the amount of money placed on the bet, the returns could be handsome.