Advice on golf betting

There are very many ways that you can bet on golf, but possibly the three most popular are on a particular golfer to win the event; that a golfer will be placed in the top three; or that a particular golfer finishes higher than another golfer. Naturally your online bookmaker will suggest many other options but those three are the ones that most people will wager on.

Of course there are odds, just the same as in many other forms of betting, to give examples of some well know golfers let us take Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Ernie Els. On a bet that one of them would win an event we have woods at 15/1, Mickelson at 25/1 and Els at 70/1. Now this means that if you placed £10 on Woods, you would get back £15 if he won, £10 on Mickelson would bring you £25 and so on.

When betting on a golfer to finish in the top three, the odds would be lower and this is because the bookmaker would pay off three different winning bets, as opposed to just one. So in this case the odds would look like this; Tiger Wood odds on at 1/16, Phil Mickelson 10/1, Ernie Els would come out at 20/1. This means that you would have to risk £16 to win £10 that Tiger Woods will finish first, second, or third.

The most common is a head to head and here it doesn’t matter to you who will win the tournament, just that your golfer finishes ahead of the other one. So if this case Tiger Woods will certainly be odds on and the other choice odds against.

For those used to sports betting, golf wagering will not present a problem and they can go ahead without a hitch.


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Online sports betting strategies

Children do not play outside today as much as their predecessors did that is fact, now they play on consoles or other game devices.  Technology has moved on and it is also fact that adults also still gamble on sports, almost anything can be found online, including your favourite betting site.

Online sport betting is one of the best ways to take part in betting on your favourite sport, no longer do you have to travel to the betting shop, it is there in your room when you want it, day or night. Naturally to win a bet on any sport, you have to be able to predict the outcome, the winner, first goal, final score, naturally you will not be on your own, many thousands are also trying to predict the outcome, that’s part of the fun surely?

Any sport is undoubtedly a game of skill for the players. But when it comes to predicting the outcome it will stands on the borderline between a game of chance and a game of skill. Part of this skill is to be better informed, for example are there injuries, what is the history between the two teams, is there a winning or losing streak, this is where you must be careful for an upset, but also the chance to get some juicy odds.

One tip and a sure fire winner that we can pass on, never bet more than you can afford to lose.

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Champion jockey wager

Horse racing is a sport that is followed by millions and just as many have fun and leisure following jockeys and horses and taking the opportunity to place a bet on them.

When the remarkable jockey A.P. McCoy started his career and rode his first winner at the age of 17 in 1992, how many people would have put a bet on him becoming the champion jockey no fewer times than a consecutive 18 times, just think of the odds that you could have got at the start of his career, a nice juicy payout we would imagine.

Another good bet would be the number of winners he would ride, remember he beat Richard Scudamore’s total of 1,699 as far back as 2002 and also passed Scudamore’s record of champion jockey, who had an impressive seven consecutive titles as well.

The records set by this jockey are to say the least very impressive and it all goes to prove that logging onto your favourite betting site, you can have lots of opportunities to wager on many things apart from which horse will win. You can get odds on most things, so try forecasting who will be the next champion jockey, or if anyone will surpass McCoy’s remarkable achievements.

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All about sports betting

Sports betting has been around for as long as there has been sport.  In more modern times, betting on sports centred on the betting shops.  As far as horse or greyhound racing was concerned, this activity took place at the on-course bookmakers.

For football, one of the most common ways to make a wager was with football pools.   With the pools, people would predict the number of draws from that day’s fixture list.  This form of betting, done by filling in a coupon, could result in huge money prizes for a very small outlay. 

In recent years, the whole sports betting industry has been revolutionised thanks to the internet and the increased amount of live sport on television.  This has seen the emergence of “live betting”, where bets can be laid while the event is still in progress.

A good example of live betting is football.  Where football fans would once have put bets on the result of a game, they can now wager money on such things as the name of the next goal scorer. 

Live game betting can also be used to bet on other sports such as tennis, snooker, basketball, rugby union and league, motorsports, darts and cricket and has proved to be a major development in the world of sports betting. 

There are various sports betting websites on the internet.  In general, they host a list of sporting fixtures which people can bet on as well as the odds for the results. 

Very often, sports betting enthusiasts will have to download free software onto their computers or laptops when joining a sports betting website.  An account will then have to be opened using a debit or credit card to place bets and receive winnings.  It is worth checking out if any special promotions are on offer when signing up on one of these websites.

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Take advantage of free bets

Many online betting sites and casinos offer free bets as a way of enticing customers to bet with them. With Cheltenham betting in full flow, many bookmakers are offering great free bets for people to take advantage of. 

Free bets work by giving you a set amount with which to play, usually as long as you have matched that amount with a deposit yourself. For example, a bookmaker might offer a £30 free bet should you open an account with them and deposit (and bet) £30 of your own money. When you choose to take advantage of this offer you are usually free to bet the ‘free’ amount on anything you like, but should your bet win you do not get to keep the initial stake, which is retained by the bookmaker and you are left with just the winnings.

Free bets are a great way to have a bit of betting fun without risking your own money, and with most online bookmakers offering free bets the choice of which one to take advantage of is yours. Choosing your UK casino online can be a daunting task will various special offers and promotions to consider, but searching around and reading customer reviews is the best way of finding the right casino for you.

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Bookmakers’ websites: what else they have to offer

The attention of many punters will be on world snooker championship betting at present but for those logging onto bookmakers’ websites, there is a whole range of features to keep gamblers interested when not snooker betting.  Aside from virtual betting and novelty betting, punters can also play lotteries online or put a wager on the financial markets.  As far as lotteries are concerned, British punters can even wager on lotteries run outside of Britain, including in such countries as Ireland, Spain and Germany.  Lottery betting can be a fun addition to life.  Punters can go about their daily lives with the idea that someday they could win a large sum of money, however small the chances of that might be.

For those who take an interest in the financial markets, bookmakers’ websites offer an interesting alternative to the traditional method of buying stocks and shares or investing in commodities using a broker.  A popular system used by bookmakers is financial fixed odds betting.  Fixed odds financial betting gives punters the ability to place a bet on whether a specific product, the UK 100 Index for example, will close above or below a predetermined market level following a day’s trading.  Alternative betting methodologies are also typically offered on bookmakers’ websites.  Moving Odds and Moving Binary betting means that market levels are static but the odds are continuously changing.  In the case of Static Odds and Static Binary betting, it is the exact opposite, with the odds static and the market levels are continuously changing.  In the case of Range Odds and Range Binary betting, both the market levels and the odds are continuously changing.

Coral UK bookmaker offers betting on financial markets will also provide account holders with real-time news and information on how the various markets are performing, so they have the most up-to-date information when choosing their bets.

A day at the races

Horse racing is one of the world’s favourite pursuits from the Grand National to the Melbourne Cup and betting on horses is enduringly popular.  From the glamorous hat-wearers of Ascot to the experienced chaps who frequent the high street bookies, everyone enjoys a flutter on the gee-gees.  Like other gambling games, and more than many, betting on horse racing is full of terminology that, to the uninitiated, can be baffling.  Here is a jargon-busting guide to placing a wager on the horses, whether online, at the track or in the shop:

Across the board: a bet on one horse to win (first place), place (second place) or show (third place).

Win single: a bet on one horse to come in at first place.

Win double: bets on two horses coming in first in their respective races.  If one does not win, the whole bet is lost.

Each way: this is a two part bet where half of the bet goes on the horse coming in first and the other half of the bet goes on it coming in second or third.

What are the coloured balls worth in snooker?

A recent development in snooker betting is the ability for a wager to be made on which player in a particular match will pocket any individual coloured ball.  In each snooker match, every frame includes six coloured balls.  They are yellow, green, brown, blue, pink, and black.  Each of these balls has a set value.  The yellow ball has a value of 2 points, the green ball represents 3 points, the brown is valued at 4, the blue is valued at 5, pink is worth 6 and black is worth 7.

When a player pockets a red ball, the next ball that is to be targeted is the coloured ball that has the lowest value.  Snooker betting that involves coloured balls can be done in compliment to other bets including frame and match bets.  This type of strategy can allow you to maximize your profits, especially if you have a good feeling about a particular match.

In live running bet situations, a coloured ball bet can be placed at any time before the forthcoming frame.  These bets are usually low paying, usually below 1:1.  If a particular player goes on a run, it can result in a good payoff for a bettor.  In the case that a player runs the table for a maximum, a coloured ball bet can add quite a bit to the take.

While coloured ball betting does not offer the giant payoff that an outcome bet can, it can allow over 50 bets per match.  This snooker betting technique is for those who like to have bets on every single shot.  It is a high action betting strategy and is not for the faint of heart.  These bets are more luck based than match and outcome bets and are for those who are more adventurous in their bets.

In-match betting

With the advent of internet betting which enables minute to minute updating of the odds, in-match betting has become very popular.  This style of betting allows bets to be placed during a match or game which would previously have not been possible

This type of bet is particularly popular with football matches; as the game progresses fans can bet on the next player to score, what the final goal line will be, how many cards will be shown and the number of corners to be taken.  This allows gamblers to place another bet if their original wager has gone wrong; maybe the wrong player scored first or the predicted goal line has been exceeded.  It also lets fans respond to the way a team is playing and what strategy the manager has gone for, and although the odds may not be as good as they would have been for a bet that was placed in advance, this is still a fun and fast way to gamble and adds an extra element of interest to watching live football matches.

Virtual reality

If you like horse racing but prefer pure probability rather than the unpredictability of a living, highly-strung thoroughbred on a given race meet, then perhaps virtual horse racing is for you. The runners and race is entirely computer generated and the top three finishers are decided the moment the race starts.

Odds reflect the real chance of a horse winning as opposed to being representative of how much money is being staked by other customers and those odds are completely fixed. A good analogy would be to imagine a game of pure chance. If you have a bag full of coloured balls present in differing proportions, you are more likely to select a ball whose colour is most represented in the bag. For example, if 70% of balls are red and 30% are green, you are more likely to take a red ball, but of course there is still a chance of taking a green ball. This is reflected in the virtual race as the favourite does not always win. A random number generator is used to select the top three finishers in each race.