Snow hits land based bingo halls

Bingo clubs saw admissions fall by as much as 30% on the Saturday as the snow started to fall but saw greater declines on the Sunday. The worst areas to be affected were in the North, West and Essex areas of England. Traditional bingo halls are seeing falling numbers due to many factors such as the ban on smoking and this week’s weather has added to their problems.

Playing bingo online at one of the major players such as Gala Bingo is growing week by week and although it does not have, in some people’s eyes, the obvious attractions of meeting ones friends at a bingo hall, it has a number of advantages. There are now excellent chat rooms where you can talk to friends online and the major online bingo sites offer very attractive bonuses for joining as well as stunning prizes and continuing jackpots. So if you are one of the many who have been denied your bingo enjoyment because of the recent weather, why not have a game or two of online bingo.

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