Remote gambling set to be covered

Until now they have escaped the Gambling Commission Licensing system whereby the Horse Racing Levy Board has to collect a levy, which is a statutory levy from bookmakers involved in horse racing and this is subsequently distributed, with the aim of improving horseracing and also the breeds of horses in an effort to advance veterinary science as well as education.

The bill which has passed through all its stages is waiting Royal Assent and then will become law. The object of this bill is to level out the playing field in regard to remote gambling otherwise known as gambling using the internet with organisations that are registered overseas. These organisations do not require a licence from the Gambling Commission which all those in the UK require to operate remote gambling.

The news has to be welcomed by the UK based organisations as it means that they are all operating within the same guidelines and levies. This new bill will mean that all remote gambling operators will have to obtain a licence from the Gambling Commission if they want to carry out any transaction with a UK Customer and cannot advertise until they are in possession of one.

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