Red dog poker

This card game is a variation of in-between and acey-deucey.  It features prominently in online casinos although its popularity in land-based casinos seems to be waning.

Red dog poker
utilises a 52-card deck and one to eight decks may be used in a single game.  The cards are ranked in a similar manner to poker and aces have the highest rank.  Card suits are ignored in this game and only three cards are drawn at a time.  Once the player makes his wager, the dealer places two cards face up on the table.

If the cards have consecutive numbers, the hand is declared a push and the wager returned.  If the two cards are of the same value, a third card is dealt.  If this card also has the same value, the player receives a pay-out.  If the cards show none of these combinations, the dealer announces the spread, deals a third card and gives the player a chance to double his or her bet.  If the third card has a value that falls between those of the first two, the player wins and collects a pay-out according to the spread.

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