Poker Tips to make you a better player

Poker is the most popular card game at the casino and attracts millions of players worldwide. Whether you’re just starting out at playing poker or have played before, here are our top tips to becoming a better poker player.

Don’t play every hand

Probably one of the biggest mistakes that beginner and amateur poker players make is to play too many hands. If you cards just aren’t stacking up it is better to fold than to play the hand out. A good rule to follow is that if you are playing more than half the cards you are dealt you may want to look at your starting hand requirements.

Don’t drink too much

This is another common mistake, and because alcohol dulls the brain it can be a costly one. Even if a couple of drinks helps you to relax, it is not a good idea to drink, it can lead to more erratic betting and ultimately a bigger loss.

Don’t be afraid to fold during a hand

When you’re just starting out it is easy to think that just because you’re in the hand that you have to see it to the end. This can lead to a big problem especially if your cards are not that good. It is better to fold when you have the feeling that you are beat than putting any more money in the pot.

Pay attention to the other cards and players on the table

Poker is ultimately a game of skill and the more you know about the other players and the cards that have passed through the table the better the chances of winning. Watch how the other players are betting especially when you’re not in the hand; this can tell you a lot about their playing style and might shed some insights into any tells they may have.

Pick the right game

When starting out at poker it is important to play with players with a similar of worse ability than yourself. This will make the game more enjoyable because who wants to lose every hand or game they play.

Practise, practise, practise

As they say ‘practise makes perfect’ and it’s definitely true. Playing against your friends and family for low or no stakes is a great way to practise the art of poker. Playing on free internet tables is also a good way to gain some poker skills against real opponents without outlaying any cash.

Above all, have fun and start tuning your skills today!

Picture: Sergio Bertolini

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