Playing online slots

Playing slots online is becoming more popular all the time; they are easy to play and have straightforward rules and often very big jackpots for a small stake.

There are a couple of types of online slots; classic ones, which resemble the fruit machines typically found in pubs, with fruit, lucky seven and bar icons, and video slots, which have themes and a back story. The video slots tend to be more interactive, with mini games that break up the standard spinning of the reels. They are also usually themed on television or film characters, such as Lara Croft from ‘Tomb Raider’.

The majority of online slots have special icons that give you free spins or access to a mini game where you can win multipliers and other prizes. Wild icons can stand in for any other symbol to complete a line and win you prizes; scatter icons do not have to be on the win line to pay out, they can appear anywhere on the screen and usually three is enough to get you something. Mini game icons take you to a back screen, where you play a separate game to earn free spins, cash prizes or a multiplier, which will double or triple your wins for the time it is active. Mini games involve turning over cards, choosing doors to look behind or rocks to look under in order to determine what you win.

Online slot machines vary from site to site, so even if they look the same it is best to check the rules first or take advantage of the free play function.

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