Playing online poker

The main difference between playing poker online and in a live game, is that the players cannot see each other. This changes the game, in that players are unable to read each other’s facial expressions and body language, which can help them decide how good an opponent’s hand might be.

Poker players who are unable to supress a grin at a great hand or hide their disappointment at a bad hand will benefit from playing online, rather than in person, as they could leap about the room in celebration and no one else would know. This makes the game all about assessing the cards rather than reading people; players must look for the possible hands that their opponents may have and what cards they are holding themselves and bet accordingly. It is great to have a full house, for example, but if four out of the five cards are on the table then it is fairly likely that other players have a full house too. Therefore, a smart player will also assess the chances that their hand is better due to having high face value cards.

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