How casinos keep you gambling part 1

Gambling is big business and the longer the casino keeps you betting the more money they make. Casinos are set out specially to maximise the excitement of gambling whilst making a comfortable environment in which to play.

In this two part article we’ll show you some of the subtle ways in which casinos try to keep gamblers inside their doors for longer.

Where are all the clocks?

Most people own at least one watch, but a vast majority still don’t wear one regularly. The casinos know this and purposely don’t have any clocks so that gamblers lose track of time. Casino games are designed to be engaging and the more time you spend playing invariably means a bigger profits for the casino.

A lack of windows

Although the front of the casino will have big windows to entice perspective gambler through the doors, the main casino will have no windows whatsoever. This is a similar tactic as having no clocks and serves the purpose of gamblers not knowing what time it is and whether it has got dark or light outside.

In addition, having no windows means that gamblers cannot see anything interesting happening outside which might entice players to move elsewhere.

Lights and sounds

Bright lights and big sounds stimulate gamblers and subconsciously tells them that everybody else is winning why don’t you try it. Even when you are losing on a given machine the sounds and lights are still lively and euphoric to entice you to spend more and chase the win.

A comfortable environment

Even though the slot machines may have bright lights and big sounds the casino lighting on the whole is designed to be mellow and comforting, much like sitting in your living room at home.

The ambience of the casino provides a homely and safe feeling and the décor is specially designed to be welcoming and pleasing to the eyes.

Casino music is also chosen to be soft and comfortable, just like the sort of music found in shopping centres and the clean environment help players to feel catered for whilst providing them with a nice place to stay and play.

Layout of casino services

Wherever you go in a casino, whether it be to the toilet or for something to eat or drink you are bombarded by an array of different machines and tables. You will find that most of the casinos services will be towards the rear of the casino meaning that you have to walk past all of the exiting casino games before reaching your destination, and the casino hopes entice you to make impulse bets on your way.

How to play craps

Craps is a simple, fast-moving game with a huge potential for large, quick wins.  Unfortunately, because the outcome of this game depends on a pair of dice rolling on a flat surface, making any predictions is impossible.  The only thing that a player can do, therefore, is to place a bet and keep their fingers crossed. 

Playing craps

This game begins after one player makes a Pass Line bet or Don’t Pass bet (wagers that players must make if they want to shoot) by placing one or more chips in appropriate areas (Pass line or Don’t Pass bet).  As soon as the bets have been made, a player, commonly referred to as shooter, rolls a pair of dice across the table.

The total points of the first roll, also called come-out roll, are divided into three groups:

•    4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 There are no winners; the number rolled becomes the Point Number and the round of the game continues
•    2, 3, 12 Don’t Pass bets win; the round of the game ends here
•    7, 11 Pass Line bets win; the round of the game also ends here.

Regardless of whether the round of the game ends or not, more bets can be placed for the current or next round. In subsequent rolls, the most important numbers are 7 and the Point Number.  For instance, if the Point Number is 6, the rolling will continue until a 6 or a 7 is rolled.  If a 6 is rolled, the shooter and Pass Line bets win.  If a 7 is rolled, the shooter and Pass Line bets lose, while Don’t Pass bets win.

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All about sports betting

Sports betting has been around for as long as there has been sport.  In more modern times, betting on sports centred on the betting shops.  As far as horse or greyhound racing was concerned, this activity took place at the on-course bookmakers.

For football, one of the most common ways to make a wager was with football pools.   With the pools, people would predict the number of draws from that day’s fixture list.  This form of betting, done by filling in a coupon, could result in huge money prizes for a very small outlay. 

In recent years, the whole sports betting industry has been revolutionised thanks to the internet and the increased amount of live sport on television.  This has seen the emergence of “live betting”, where bets can be laid while the event is still in progress.

A good example of live betting is football.  Where football fans would once have put bets on the result of a game, they can now wager money on such things as the name of the next goal scorer. 

Live game betting can also be used to bet on other sports such as tennis, snooker, basketball, rugby union and league, motorsports, darts and cricket and has proved to be a major development in the world of sports betting. 

There are various sports betting websites on the internet.  In general, they host a list of sporting fixtures which people can bet on as well as the odds for the results. 

Very often, sports betting enthusiasts will have to download free software onto their computers or laptops when joining a sports betting website.  An account will then have to be opened using a debit or credit card to place bets and receive winnings.  It is worth checking out if any special promotions are on offer when signing up on one of these websites.

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Popular online casino games – Slots

Whether you are looking to make some serious cash or to play just for fun, or maybe hit something in between the two, slots online have the perfect game for you.  Slots online now fulfil the needs of all kinds of players playing from the lowest to the highest stakes.   Whether you you prefer the familiar and popular three reel games or would like to try the faster five reels, slots online have the game for you.

Playing slots online has many benefits, not to mention the comfort and convenience of playing at any time and from the comfort of your own home, including exciting promotional offers and free gifts, match-for-match stake money, loyalty bonuses and many other great benefits too.  Slots online offer a guaranteed speedy payout which is totally secure so no need to worry; all reputable online slot sites take your safety very seriously.

Slots online give players the ultimate gaming experience, which is fun, friendly and fast, and joining is so simple too: simply register your details on the secure website, place your deposit and you’re ready to go.  Join the ever growing slots community now!

Playing Bingo Online

Online bingo is becoming increasingly popular with people from all walks of life.  Once seen as a game enjoyed mainly by middle-aged housewives and elderly women, bingo is fast becoming the ‘game of the moment’.  There are many exciting online formats that leave players clambering for more.  Thanks to online gaming sites, players can participate in game play in the comfort of their own homes and at times that fit around their busy schedules. With technology advancing users can also enjoy bingo on their smartphones through bet mobile apps.

Most of the big-name bookkeeping websites feature online bingo, and offer great promotions to potential new customers, once they register with the site.  Examples include Ladbrokes free bets and William hill free bets.

Registration is a straightforward process that takes only a few minutes to complete, and customer support is available 24/7, should players have any queries.  Once your account is active, it is time to select a game.  Online bingo sites host a wide choice of games, including TV show theme-based games such as Deal or No Deal Bingo, and character-based games such as Joker Jackpot.  More conventional players will not be disappointed, as the traditional bingo format is also available to meet their needs.

Online chat rooms add another dimension to online bingo, as they provide a means for players to socialise whilst gaming.  Many firm friendships have been struck up in such chat rooms, and players can enjoy a ‘virtual night out’ while they play.

With all the great benefits online bingo has to offer, those who sign up to play will definitely feel as though they have hit the jackpot!

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Poker Hand Values

Poker has a universal set of rules used in both a casino and the typical casino online.  The lowest value is a high card.  If no players have any other hand, the winner is decided on the highest card, usually an ace.  The scale goes to a pair, with the highest pair of cards winning.  The next is three of a kind, providing three cards of the same value, with again the highest value winning.

The straight comes after the three of a kind in poker hand values.  This occurs when a player gets five cards with values one after another; therefore 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 would be a straight.  Straights use aces as high or low in hands of poker, so A, 2,3,4,5 counts as a straight as does 10, J, Q, K, A.  A flush occurs when one player has five cards of the same suit, so five spades counts as a flush and beats a straight.  A full house is the best known of winning poker hands, and occurs when a player has a three of a kind and a pair together.

The final three hands are quite rare.  Four of a kind occurs when one has every card of any given value for example K, K, K, K and any other card.  This can only beaten by the straight flush and royal flush.  The straight flush consists of any straight where the cards are the same suit.  A royal flush is also the same suit with the cards in the order 10, J, Q, K, A.

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What is gambling?

Gambling means playing a game of chance for money, and is also known as betting.  To gamble, people usually must be aged eighteen or over, but people may participate in certain lotteries from the age of sixteen.

There are many different types of gambling, such as bingo, betting on horses, and playing poker. People make choices based on the amount of money that they can afford to bet, the time they can spare, and the level of skill they possess.  A game of poker requires knowledge of cards and rules, may have a minimum stake, and can last for several hours.  By comparison, entering a lottery takes little time and involves choosing a set of numbers for a small outlay.

The casino is a place in which many games, eg poker, baccarat and blackjack, can be played.  Other venues associated with gambling include amusement arcades, betting shops, and bingo halls.  Online gambling is also popular, and allows people to gamble in the comfort of their own homes via computer, or from anywhere by using a mobile phone.

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Take advantage of free bets

Many online betting sites and casinos offer free bets as a way of enticing customers to bet with them. With Cheltenham betting in full flow, many bookmakers are offering great free bets for people to take advantage of. 

Free bets work by giving you a set amount with which to play, usually as long as you have matched that amount with a deposit yourself. For example, a bookmaker might offer a £30 free bet should you open an account with them and deposit (and bet) £30 of your own money. When you choose to take advantage of this offer you are usually free to bet the ‘free’ amount on anything you like, but should your bet win you do not get to keep the initial stake, which is retained by the bookmaker and you are left with just the winnings.

Free bets are a great way to have a bit of betting fun without risking your own money, and with most online bookmakers offering free bets the choice of which one to take advantage of is yours. Choosing your UK casino online can be a daunting task will various special offers and promotions to consider, but searching around and reading customer reviews is the best way of finding the right casino for you.

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Playing tips for online slots

Online slots can be a very fun and engaging way to take part in gambling activities and win a bit of cash. There are literally thousands of different websites online that will have slot games for people to play.  Some of these websites will contain hundreds of different forms of slots in one place.

How to win

Winning on slot machines depends on which game is being played.  The basic principle of most games is to place a bet and then push a button.  The reels will then spin.  Each of these reels will contain a collection of images, such as fruits.  If the images line up with each other in a particular pattern then the player will win a pay-out.  The pay-out can vary depending on the pattern and how difficult it is to attain.  The jackpot (maximum win) is always the most difficult combination of pictures.

Learning the rules

The rules for slots are virtually the same from game to game and there are usually only subtle differences, such as the theme of the machine.  Some machines will have a different amount of reels.  Usually the more reels they have the more difficult it is to get a pattern; however, because the stakes are higher so are the pay-outs.  Before gambling real money on slots, it is advisable to read the rules of that particular game. Understanding the rules of a particular game is the first step towards winning real money.

How to find the best online blackjack games

Gamers playing blackjack online will find it just as thrilling as land-based casino blackjack.  Not only is it much more convenient to play the game from a computer, laptop or handheld device, novices may find it much easier as well.  Some online casino websites provide online interactive tutorials to teach the uninitiated all the tricks and strategies involved in blackjack.

A typical live blackjack casino might provide two ways to play blackjack.  The gamer may download an app to enable him to play the game offline, or alternatively he may be able to click on the “instant play” tab which requires no download.

When searching for casinos online to play blackjack it is worth looking at what they have to offer.  Newcomers may be interested in demo games where they can practice with play money.  This means they will not be putting any of their money at risk while they are learning to play and getting acquainted with how the system works.

When the gamer is ready to open a cash account the casino may even offer a deal where it adds money to the amount lodged.

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