If You Cannot Make It To The Real Casino Get The Gambling Experience In Your Own Home

Online casinos give you the chance to win money from the comfort of your own chair.  Online casinos have become a multi-million dollar industry attracting regular casino goers and players who would never think about visiting a real casino.

There are thousands of sites to choose from on the internet offering a range of card and casino games.

The Online Experience

Most online casinos expect you to credit your account with real money and pay out real money in return.  However, there are some sites that allow you to play with virtual money.

Games offered reflect those available in traditional casinos including blackjack, roulette, poker and slots.

Some websites attempt to recreate a traditional casino by using video footage and interactive features to make players feel like they are actually interacting with a dealer.

Others offer chat rooms so players can interact with each other like they might in a real casino.

Improve Your Skills

Most online casinos offer sections where you can play for free to practise your skills without the pressure of losing money or holding up other people’s play.

Some also offer tutorials, which give step-by-step guides.

Make a Good Choice

If you are new to online gambling, try an internet search to find the best websites.

Look for online casinos, which are well established and have straightforward and clear rules for depositing money and handling your account.

Check security and make sure when you enter personal details you are doing it over a secure connection and the site will not share your data.

Classic slots preferred at online bingo rooms

Online bingo players love to play slots, but more than ever bingo fans much preferred the old fashioned or classic slots to the modern high tech new breed of slots. Modern online slots now have an array of features including bonus rounds that in some cases are more like arcade games. There now are many companies around the world producing online slots and casino games all of which are pushing online slot technology to a new level.

Surprisingly though, many of the classic slots are giving the new games a run for their money. Classic slot machines that online bingo players at 888.com stated their preference for are games such as Lucky Seven, Pirates Gold, Fruit Machine, and Monkey Paradise as a few examples of the classic slots that are still the most played slots, not just online but in casinos and bingo halls around the UK.

All about to Slot Machines

Slot machines, or simply ‘slots’, are also known as ‘fruit machines’, and are casino gambling machines that feature three or more wheels with several symbols on them.  Once started in motion by the player, the wheels will spin and a player can win money if the symbols on the different wheels match; for example, three pear symbols or three cherry symbols in a row will be a winning combination on machines that use fruit symbols.

The gambler has little or no influence on how the wheels spin, the triggering of which is often done through a lever or button that does not directly affect the actual rotation of the wheels in modern machines.  The machines have also been known as ‘one armed bandits’ as they traditionally featured a lever arm on the side that could be used to trigger the game, and also because of the frequency with which the machines took all of a gambler’s money.

Thanks to modern technology, most slot machines are regulated by computers, some with digital displays instead of physical wheels, and virtual slot machines are also available online.  There is no easy way for a gambler to be certain what the probability of success on any given slot machine is. 

Slot machines are very popular in land based casinos as well as online casinos and account for a significant proportion of most casinos’ profits.  Due to their simple operation, a quick learning curve and fast playing speed, these machines have always been popular amongst casual gamblers.  Slot machines generally run on coins or paper currency, so they can also be found outside of casinos in places such as bars and pubs.

How to Find the Best Online Slots

Playing slots online is fun and certainly an easy way to win some quick money.  To get the best online slots experience, you want to pick a place that has a history of providing players with a consistently good experience.

Before setting yourself up on a slots site, do some research on the website.  If it has been involved in anything illegal or possibly unethical, it is probably best to find another site.  Just because most people are not treated unfairly by, a shady site does not make it safe; you could be one of the ones they swindle!

When you gamble online, customer service and support is very important.  The best online slots sites have customer service available around the clock.  This keeps you safe and maximizes your online slots experience.

Take the limits of your computer into account when you pick online slots.  If you want to feel like you are in a real casino when you are playing, make sure your computer is up to the challenge.  You will want an online slots game with elaborate graphics to keep the game exciting and simulate a casino experience.  However, if your computer is slow, do not overload it with a site like that.  Stick to a simple slots game that your computer can load and process quickly.

Finally, thoroughly examine the game’s withdrawal options before committing to it.  If there are strange requirements for withdrawing your winnings, the site may be a fraud that will never pay you what they owe.  You want to have easy access to your winnings!

Gambling Online – a great way to win!

The advantages of online casinos over traditional high street ones are numerous, and account for the burst of interest in online gambling over recent years.

All you need to play online slots, online casino, roulette, blackjack and other virtual gambling games are a PC and an internet connection.  Many people prefer to play in the comfort of their own homes rather than find the nearest high street outlet.

Internet speeds are increasing all the time, and the security software practically guarantees that your private and financial details are as safe as houses.  This used to be a problem, but not anymore, and the secure online payment systems now in place mean that your winnings and transactions are also perfectly safe.

The competition between the online gambling sites is so intense that none of the can affords to get a poor reputation in these areas.  However, apart from this, it means that there are always many promotions on offer to entice new customers in.  In fact, there are online gambling comparison websites devoted to sifting through all the free offers and other freebies to find the best ones available on any given day.

Promotions very often take the form of free bets, in which once you have signed up you’ll be given some free ‘money’ or tokens to place as a stake, and this will usually match your own first deposit.  If you win, you keep your winnings, although they must of course be used on the same site.

Slot Machines and Progressive Jackpots

Online gaming casinos often promote progressive jackpots. A progressive jackpot is similar to a lottery after a fashion and the resulting win can be enormous for a luck winner who was at the right place at the right time. 

A number of slot machines are linked together and a percentage of these machines are paid into one large account. What this means is if you hit a jackpot winning line, you are not winning the jackpot from one machine but the entire linked together system.

The advantage of the progressive jackpot is that if you win, the payout can be quite substantial and is multiplied by the number of machines linked together. In other words, if 20 machines were linked together, the jackpot would be conceivably 20 times larger.

However, the down side is the progressive pot payout percent of a single machine linked into the system is affected. Therefore, if you win any other line than the jackpot, the winnings will be less than a stand-alone machine because a percentage was paid into the collective jackpot account.

Progressive jackpots are harder to win than a jackpot of a basic single online slot machine. The payouts are also affected by overhead costs in running the system and in the unlikely event that you win shortly after another winner; your cash payout can be considerably less.

Therefore, it is a matter of personal choice, whether you choose to play a progressive slot machine or a single stand-alone slot machine.

Slots of fun!

Affectionately known as “one armed bandits”, slot machines rule the floor of most casinos.
With playing ranges from a penny to five dollars or more, there is a machine for everyone, from those with a few dollars to spare to the high roller with wads of cash and nerves of steel.

There are no easy answers for winning on a slot machine.  Since winning is based on a series of random number generation, “tricking” the machine is not possible.

However, there are ways to increase your odds.  Some machines are set looser than others are.  If you ask any floor attendant they should be able to direct you to a machine with odds as high as 98% of paying out.  Don’t expect to fund your retirement on this though as the pay-out may be very low only allowing you to play on your own money for a longer period of time.

You might also consider progressive machines, machines with free spins, or, in the case of poker machines, wild cards.  These may increase your odds of winning and if nothing else add another level of fun to the game.  If you do play a progressive machine, make sure to look for the one showing the highest possible payout for the amount you bet and play the maximum coins.

With all of this in mind, remember the most important rule of gambling: Never gamble with more money than you can afford to lose.  Set your limit and stick to it!

Playing Online Slots

One of the most popular forms of gambling around the world are slot machines, with each spin of the wheel offering players the chance to win huge jackpots and other prizes.

Traditional casino slots offer players the chance to bet on a number of different pay lines across a number of different reels, although the most common way to play slots is 20 pay lines across 5 different reels. A player will then stake the same amount across each of these pay lines and receive a payout for each pay line which hits a winning combination of symbols or numbers.

Some combinations unlock special bonus games on slot machines, where players can use skill to unlock large prizes and bonuses. While playing in banks of slots, one player hitting a bonus combination often unlocks the game for all of the players in that bank.

Above most other casino games, slots are well known for their huge jackpots. Banks of slots offering progressive jackpots in excess of seven figures are common sights, as are banks of slots offering luxury cars as prizes.

One of the more modern ways of playing slots, usually found in online casinos, is by taking part in slots tournaments. In these, players start out with the same sum of money and then use their instincts, skill and experience to play slot machines in order to either become the last player standing or amass the largest amount of money in a set period of time.

The Future of Online Casinos

No one can say for sure exactly what will happen in the future, but judging from the way the industry has grown, it can be assumed that it will go from strength to strength. Just 3 years after they first broke into the market, they were generating revenue of almost 1 billion US dollars.

It is fair to say with some certainty that sites such as casinos online will continue to grow as the software and technology develops. Improved services and the addition of new games will always attract new clientele to these sites. After joining then they are highly likely to spend some money. This helps to further increase revenue.

Classic casino games such as blackjack and roulette will never go out of date; these will stay as popular online as they are in the real casinos. Technology has allowed other games such as online slots to be made available and some sites also offer bingo and sports betting. There is no reason why new games will not be developed in the future; after all, they will be building on an already strong client base.

The internet is already such a big part of everyone’s lives, there are internet cafes and Wi-Fi hotspots available in many town and city areas. There is no reason why a standard betting shop cannot incorporate the internet cafe idea and have computer systems available for playing casino games online.

The possibilities for online gambling in the future are virtually endless. All it takes is for one idea to grow and you could be looking at a multi billion pound empire.

Finding the Perfect Online Casino

Online casinos, also commonly known as virtual or internet casinos, have flourished since the advent of the internet. Online casinos have popularised a wide variety of gambling and betting games. As with so many other aspects of the internet, the ease of access and use stands in contrast to tradition. Greater numbers of people have played in online casinos than in what are often referred to as brick and mortar casinos.

The wide variety and number of online casino games can be broadly classified as card games, table games, video poker, progressives, general interest games and online slots. Online card games typically include baccarat, blackjack and poker. Online table games can include such games as craps and roulette. Video poker is similar to an online slot game: it is based around betting on a computerised selection of cards appearing in a certain order. Progressives are games in which a jackpot is built up progressively, often by linking different online casinos and their players. Online slots, also known as fruit machines in the UK, display symbols in different combinations, which gamblers attempt to predict. Other online gambling activities can include online bingo or sports betting.

Typically, players can download software which runs a virtual access to the online casino, allowing them to interact in real time with other players and online casino staff. One time access is also common however, although this type of access does not allow for the full range of features to be enjoyed.