Enjoying free slots

Free slots, often referred to as fruit machines, are becoming more popular day by day; online slots are among the most enjoyed activity of online casino games. The older style sot machine or “one armed bandit” was certainly not as sophisticated as today’s slot machine, the older ones were based on a spring technology.

Free online slots allow users to play the game without cash and are basically for fun, but more importantly to allow the user to practice and to understand how to play. Online slots of course can be played anywhere, at home, at work during break times or on your smartphone travelling on the bus or train. The chances of winning depend upon your skills and other factors; remember that although there is skill, it is also a game of chance to some degree.

Once oyu have got the hang of the various slots, you will now be ready to try your luck at a real live online casino. You can sign into one of these and most, if not all, will offer you a bonus when you first sign up, this is effectively free money and it will give more opportunities to see and try all the different slot machines that you will find there.

Popular online casino games – Slots

Whether you are looking to make some serious cash or to play just for fun, or maybe hit something in between the two, slots online have the perfect game for you.  Slots online now fulfil the needs of all kinds of players playing from the lowest to the highest stakes.   Whether you you prefer the familiar and popular three reel games or would like to try the faster five reels, slots online have the game for you.

Playing slots online has many benefits, not to mention the comfort and convenience of playing at any time and from the comfort of your own home, including exciting promotional offers and free gifts, match-for-match stake money, loyalty bonuses and many other great benefits too.  Slots online offer a guaranteed speedy payout which is totally secure so no need to worry; all reputable online slot sites take your safety very seriously.

Slots online give players the ultimate gaming experience, which is fun, friendly and fast, and joining is so simple too: simply register your details on the secure website, place your deposit and you’re ready to go.  Join the ever growing slots community now!

Playing tips for online slots

Online slots can be a very fun and engaging way to take part in gambling activities and win a bit of cash. There are literally thousands of different websites online that will have slot games for people to play.  Some of these websites will contain hundreds of different forms of slots in one place.

How to win

Winning on slot machines depends on which game is being played.  The basic principle of most games is to place a bet and then push a button.  The reels will then spin.  Each of these reels will contain a collection of images, such as fruits.  If the images line up with each other in a particular pattern then the player will win a pay-out.  The pay-out can vary depending on the pattern and how difficult it is to attain.  The jackpot (maximum win) is always the most difficult combination of pictures.

Learning the rules

The rules for slots are virtually the same from game to game and there are usually only subtle differences, such as the theme of the machine.  Some machines will have a different amount of reels.  Usually the more reels they have the more difficult it is to get a pattern; however, because the stakes are higher so are the pay-outs.  Before gambling real money on slots, it is advisable to read the rules of that particular game. Understanding the rules of a particular game is the first step towards winning real money.

Playing slots machines online

Slots are, without a doubt, one of the most popular forms of casino game. There are many different types of slot websites on the internet; they offer literally hundreds of different variations of the game.

How to play slots

Most slot machines follow the same basic set of rules. They require the player to line up a set of images in a specific order. These images are placed on reels, which spin and stop at random when the player makes a bet. In most cases, the images on the reels feature either fruit or money signs.

Slot machine rules vary, according to the specific game. In some cases, all that is required is a straight line of identical images, whilst with others specific patterns will be needed in order to win the bet. In some cases, different combinations may also be required. The value of the pay-out varies from machine to machine.

Slot themes

Slot machines have a huge variety of themes. Although they in no way affect the game itself, they do provide something different to look at if players become bored with a specific game.

Payment processing

Whilst most real casinos require the player to deposit real cash in order to play a game, online slot machine sites tend to require a card payment. This system means that players can deposit and withdraw money using their personal bank account. Some casino websites also provide their members with other withdrawal options, such as through a third party payment processor or by cheque.

Playing online slots

Playing slots online is becoming more popular all the time; they are easy to play and have straightforward rules and often very big jackpots for a small stake.

There are a couple of types of online slots; classic ones, which resemble the fruit machines typically found in pubs, with fruit, lucky seven and bar icons, and video slots, which have themes and a back story. The video slots tend to be more interactive, with mini games that break up the standard spinning of the reels. They are also usually themed on television or film characters, such as Lara Croft from ‘Tomb Raider’.

The majority of online slots have special icons that give you free spins or access to a mini game where you can win multipliers and other prizes. Wild icons can stand in for any other symbol to complete a line and win you prizes; scatter icons do not have to be on the win line to pay out, they can appear anywhere on the screen and usually three is enough to get you something. Mini game icons take you to a back screen, where you play a separate game to earn free spins, cash prizes or a multiplier, which will double or triple your wins for the time it is active. Mini games involve turning over cards, choosing doors to look behind or rocks to look under in order to determine what you win.

Online slot machines vary from site to site, so even if they look the same it is best to check the rules first or take advantage of the free play function.

Playing the slots

Many people’s first involvement in gambling involves playing slots; often it would have been on the slot machines in seaside arcades or in pubs. Playing the slots offline meant putting money into mechanical slot machines, though these developed into digital electronic machines. Now that much gambling and betting is carried on over the internet, slots have become a key feature of online casinos. 

Huge jackpots can be won playing the slots, either offline, in a land based casino or online, on a gambling website. People playing slots online are able to enjoy free games, where no money is risked, which means they are only playing for the fun of it.

Progressive jackpots
enable players to win huge sums of money when playing slots online. They operate by linking the slot with other machines that share the jackpot. When trying to win a progressive jackpot by playing the slots, it is always advisable to check out the rules first. In most instances, the maximum bet will have to have been placed in order to collect the major prizes.

Slot machine features and symbols

Scatters are symbols that start a payout or bonus feature no matter where on the reel they land. 
Scatter symbols do not always multiply winnings as some players believe.  In some games, two scatter symbols anywhere on the screen double your prize while three scatters quadruple winnings and four scatters payout nine times the winnings. The important point to remember is that scatters do not specify the type of prize they signify, only that a prize is generated whenever they appear on the screen.  Scatters can also trigger a bonus game.  

A bonus game is a free game that players acquire when or if they land a certain combination of scatter symbols.  The bonus could be three specific bonus game symbols, three scatter symbols or any combination of three programmed into that machine.  Bonus rounds are not played on the same machine. 

The reel symbols may change or the value of the current symbols change.  For example fruit symbols change into clown symbols for a bonus game.  Players may also be taken to an entirely new slot machine. 

Free spins are just that.  A player hitting a set combination will receive a free spin.  Often, the jackpot for combination increases during a free spin round.  Free spins can also accumulate while the game continues.

A wild symbol in slots is similar to a wild card in poker.  It can be substituted for other symbols to build winning combinations.  Depending on the machine, wild symbols may or may not be substituted for bonus or scatter symbols.

A few tips for playing casino slots

Whether you are perusing the slots in a bricks and mortar casino or a virtual equivalent like Betfair Casino or 888 Casino, one rule of thumb holds for all: bet on all the pay lines.

Another useful tip is to resist the butterfly syndrome – flitting from slot to slot hoping for a better outcome. Try to stick to one.

There’s no getting away from it: when you play casino slots you are working with pure chance. But there are few basic tips that may help enhance your chances.

Always take care to read the slot’s pay table before you part with any cash. If you want to get your hands on the juiciest jackpot, not only should you bet on all the pay lines, you should also bet the maximum amount, though never spend money you cannot afford to be without – feeding next week’s grocery cash into the machine is a seriously bad idea.

Confine yourself to penny slots if you have a strict spending limit – you will not win a fortune but they are fun.

Stick to one machine and follow the three-point plan: bet all pay lines, bet the maximum amount and use the maximum denominations.

How to Play Progressive Slots

Progressive slots are now a very popular way to play slots.  As the name suggests, progressive slots are a type of online slots where the jackpot payouts grow progressively as more money is played on the machine.  The more bets that are made the larger the jackpot becomes. 

There are three types of progressive jackpots:

•    Stand Alone

     Stand alone progressive jackpots are where the jackpot builds on a single machine.

•    In House

In house progressive jackpots grow from a network of linked slots based within the same online casino.

•    Wide Area

Wide area progressive jackpots grow from a network of linked slots that are being played across multiple online casino sites.

What happens when someone hits the Jackpot?

Once the jackpot has been won on a progressive slot game, the jackpot will revert to the default amount ready to start accumulating again.

What are the odds for progressive Slots?

The odds of winning the jackpot when playing progressive slots are slightly improved over playing a straight game of slots; typically players have around a 2% higher chance of winning.

How do I win at progressive Slots?

All casino slot games are based on luck, but in order to win the progressive jackpot a player must bet on all of the slot machine’s pay lines.  As a player is betting on all pay lines they must make sure there are sufficient funds to go the distance or alternatively try playing slots games with a lower maximum bet, then the player can keep going for longer.  Remember, each pay line could be a winner therefore you are playing multiple bets at the same time.

Bear in mind that it might be worth while placing the maximum bet on a progressive slots game as the difference between jackpot winnings when placing the maximum or minimum bet can be quite substantial.  But remember never bet more than you can afford to lose. 

Where can I play casino Slots?

Most online casinos offer registered players progressive slots games and there will usually be an option to play free slots before committing any real money.

Find free slots Online

Playing slot machines is fun, easy and profitable.  Both online and traditional slot machines have good odds and are plentiful, and online gamblers can find free slots games with a quick search.

Many online casinos want to draw in new players and they offer free slots games for this reason.  Savvy players can take advantage of these free games to maximise their winnings at slots as well as other games.  The amount of money offered for free games varies depending upon the casino. 

The casinos that offer a large amount of money towards free games generally have some limits, so be sure to read the small print before playing.  They may only give the player a minimal amount of time to use the money.  They may also only offer the player a fraction of any earned winnings. 

The free money may seem like a huge amount, but with the limitations, it is not really that much.  Still, free money is free money no matter the amount and it benefits the gambler to seek out these bonuses.  By playing free games at several different online casinos, a gambler can earn significant winnings.