A beginners’ guide to online play

More and more people are discovering that they can play and enjoy online games and entertainment from the comfort of their own homes.  More importantly, they are discovering they can make real money from these pursuits.

Responsibly playing online casino games is a great way to have fun while earning a little extra cash. Those who are new to the world of online play should devote a little time to research before putting their money on the line.  This will put them in the best position to enjoy the experience and win games.

The first thing to do is decide which game to play.  If a player is experienced in playing poker, or another form of strategy game, it makes sense to play the same game online.  This will allow the player to adapt quickly and start earning money straight away.  If the user enjoys the thrill of random draws, a good lottery game will be the best option.

It’s also important to choose quality websites on which to play.  The best websites offer generous odds, are security conscious and are easy to operate.  These are important factors to consider, as they will help to guarantee a problem-free experience.

New users should browse and try a selection of websites before choosing one.  Most offer opportunities to sample gameplay without risking money, allowing users to get a feel for the interface. Players can then choose to play on their preferred websites.  Many game sites also offer new users attractive bonuses when they sign up.

Establishing a budget to play with is often a good idea.  Individuals should only choose an amount that they would feel comfortable losing.  This way a loss does not cause problems and a win can be viewed as a lucrative bonus.

Online gambling for free

Many websites and companies will offer free bets and other incentives to encourage players to sign up to their website with the theory that once you are in, you will stay and play.

Free bets are a good incentive; many people sign up to sites that offer to double the initial stake that is placed, which looks like free money, and as it is often advertised as a new players only bonus the temptation to deposit more than originally intended to get more free funds is very tempting.  However, it is important to remember that there will be conditions attached to this free money, usually that players have to play through it all before it can be withdrawn.  This means that all of the bonus money must be staked, usually more than once, and then won before it can be withdrawn from the site, and the rules will also state that the actual deposited cash is played through first before the bonus funds meaning that a lot of gambling will have to be done before any winnings can be taken out.

Free bets are a good incentive, and as long as players make the most of them and are careful to read the small print before depositing any money they can provide a lot of fun.  Free bets may only apply to certain games on a site; usually games that are completely random such as slot machines or bingo to avoid skilful players benefiting too much; this will be clear in the detailed conditions.

Online casinos – gamble from the comfort of your own home

Whether you are looking for the suave elegance of 007, some fast and furious fun, brilliant graphics and sounds, or a friendly online community, you will find all of these things and more at the online casino.  Online casinos have a bigger and better variety of gambling games than ever before and with the added bonus of generous joining offers, match for match stakes, promotional giveaways, seasonal offers and enormous jackpots, it is no wonder players like playing the online casinos.

Online casinos also offer a bonus which traditional casinos are simply unable to do, and that is play for free.  Most online casinos offer new players the option of playing for free, allowing them to become familiar with the game and to hone their skills before embarking on a serious game for money.

Choose from online roulette, blackjack, bingo, slots, canasta, poker, horse and dog racing and more, all of which can be found online allowing you to play your favourite games from your own front room. Most online casinos now have phone apps so you can enjoy your games wherever you are.

When you join an online casino you are also buying into that online community and it is the best way ever to meet people just like you.  These lively communities have members from across the world giving you the opportunity to link in with people you would never have the chance to meet otherwise. Share hints and tips on your favourite online game with others just like you at online casino games.

Blackjack basics

Blackjack has some of the best odds of betting games.  Blackjack is played with a standard fifty-two card deck.  The only goal is to beat the dealer.  Each player is playing against the dealer, not against other players at the table.

To beat the dealer, the value of a player’s hand must be equal to or less than 21 but also higher than the dealer’s hand.  Both the dealer and the player are trying to get 21 points without going over 21.  If the value of a player’s hand is greater than 21, the player busts and ultimately loses.  The same rules apply for the dealer.  If the dealer goes over 21 points while the player’s hand is less than 21 points, the dealer busts and the player wins.

The dealer starts the game by dealing one card to each player.  The dealer is last to receive a card, and this card is placed face down on the table.  Termed the hole card, this card remains face down until the end of the game.  A second card is dealt to each players and the dealer, this time face up, and the game starts.  In almost all games of blackjack, one of the dealer’s cards is face up and one card will be face down.  Play continues with each player either accepting another card or not accepting another card, termed hitting and standing respectively. Ideally players will receive a blackjack hand.  An initial hand of two cards with an exact value of 21 is called a blackjack.

Playing the slots

Many people’s first involvement in gambling involves playing slots; often it would have been on the slot machines in seaside arcades or in pubs. Playing the slots offline meant putting money into mechanical slot machines, though these developed into digital electronic machines. Now that much gambling and betting is carried on over the internet, slots have become a key feature of online casinos. 

Huge jackpots can be won playing the slots, either offline, in a land based casino or online, on a gambling website. People playing slots online are able to enjoy free games, where no money is risked, which means they are only playing for the fun of it.

Progressive jackpots
enable players to win huge sums of money when playing slots online. They operate by linking the slot with other machines that share the jackpot. When trying to win a progressive jackpot by playing the slots, it is always advisable to check out the rules first. In most instances, the maximum bet will have to have been placed in order to collect the major prizes.

History of roulette

While some may say that roulette is an ancient game of Roman and Greek origin involving arrows shot into wheel gaps and marked shields spun on the ground, others may say that it derived from Chinese torture.  However, “Roulette” is the French name meaning “small wheel” given to the game played by Italians called Hoka and the English called Even-Odd.

It is recorded that a French scientist, Blaise Pascal, coined the term “Roulette” as a description of perpetual motion devices during the mid-1600s.  During the 1800s, the Americans developed the game favouring house odds.  American and European style roulette developed and the first game of roulette is said to have been played in 1842 in Paris at a casino founded by Francois and Luis Blanc.  The sum of the Blanc’s roulette wheel added up to 666; therefore legend has it that they sold their souls to the devil to have the secrets of roulette.

Computer-predicted roulette and automation of the game started in the mid-1990s with the work of Edward Thorp and Claude Shannon at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).  By the late 1900s, casinos in Las Vegas and Spain trial roulette computer-based prototypes and during 2004 scientists prove that roulette outcomes may be accurately predicted by computer.

Today roulette is available in entertaining casino environments or in virtual settings online.  Whether for luck or calculated gain, players choose to play double-zero American or single-zero European roulette with differences in house edge, slots, colour, and symbol.

Online Casinos – which games will you play?

Online casinos offer a variety of popular games that you can play on your computer using a high-speed internet connection. Online casino games typically include blackjack, poker, roulette, keno, bingo and slots. Many of these online casinos also offer free play in addition to allowing you to play games using real money.

To play games using real money, you will need to fund your online casino account. Most sites accept a variety of currencies and allow you to fund your account using a credit card, electronic payment service or credit transfer. Additionally, many online casinos offer attractive bonuses for depositing funds into your account.

After funding your account, select the game you wish to play. Online casinos typically use standard gambling rules for the various games offered. When you place a bet, funds are automatically deducted from your account balance. Conversely, when you win, the online casino will deposit the proceeds directly into your account. You can also choose to withdraw your account balance or cash out your account at any time.

Online roulette: the basics

What has got 38 numbered pockets, alternately coloured black and red? If you are thinking of a clown’s trousers, you are wrong: it is roulette, quite possibly the most exciting casino game in the world. And visitors to top online sites such as 888 Casino, Bet 365 Casino and Mansion Casino will find the virtual roulette room one of the most frequented of them all.

Players bet on a particular number or one colour over another, or a combination of numbers, or a range of numbers. If a player wins on a particular number, he or she will win 36 times the value of the ticket for the game.

Do a little research before giving online roulette a go. Fast-playing tables are usually not the best choice for beginners, so avoid tables where a large number of spins are required before placing bets. Choose an online casino which lets you turn the software’s animation on or off, or you could end up gawping vacantly at an endlessly spinning virtual wheel until you go into a stupor. You should definitely be permitted by the software to spin the wheel without placing a bet.

Be aware that American roulette wheels have an extra number, which means that novice players might be best advised to stick with European tables because the odds are better. The rules governing European roulette are also a little more attractive. The En Prison rule, for instance, enables a player to surrender half of his or her outside wagers or hold on to them until the next. This is more significant than it sounds and can lower the house edge to 1.352 – much, much better than the standard American edge of 5.26.

Online roulette may not have the opulence and glamour of a land-based casino, but it does protect the player from the somewhat devious distractions that accompany some bricks and mortar roulette rooms.

Card games online

Play all the card games you would play in a traditional casino, online at any time of the day or night and all in the comfort and safety of your own front room. Choose from blackjack, poker, whist, canasta, bridge and more. If there is any game you have always wanted to learn, take the opportunity to download the rules and start playing the free games on offer at most of the online casinos. Playing for free, allows you to develop your skills before turning yourself loose on a real money game. Many people are turning to online casinos for the wide range of card games available – many more than are commonly in play in a traditional casino. Online casinos have fewer overheads than their bricks and mortar equivalents, and they can afford to pass these savings on to their players in the form of bigger and better jackpots and progressive prizes. Online casinos really do offer the chance to win seriously life-changing amounts of money, playing your card game of choice. Be assured that all UK regulated online casinos adopt a fair play policy and employ secure download systems, and all data is treated with the utmost privacy. Join other online card players now, for a professional and thrilling gaming experience.

The excitement of casino games

We may wonder why some people enjoy playing games and others do not.  While casino games may be attractive to one person, they may not be of interest to another.

Theorists look at what motivates people to play games, such as casino games of bingo, poker, blackjack, and roulette.  Two theories that contribute to why people want to learn how to play casino games and follow the rules are cognitive and arousal theories.

Some theorists purport that cognitively, players enjoy reasoning and devising winning formulas based on mathematical principles of logic.  Those driven to win through reasoning may be more likely to play frequently to test their formulas, improve their skills, and challenge the house to win.  Others may enjoy the challenge of winning and making money.

In contrast, theorists supporting arousal theory may say that people who choose to play casino games regularly are those who enjoy the excitement of the game and the thrill of casino life. Their motivation is the sense of excitement they feel throughout the game play and involvement in casino culture.