Online bingo chat rooms

Most online bingo sites have a chat room to accompany the games and add a bit of human contact to the process.  A chat moderator will be in attendance at peak times to answer questions and maintain order.

Bingo players are not required to join in with the chat going on alongside the games they are playing but it can be a lot of fun; other players are generally friendly and the chat moderator (CM) will often play games alongside the bingo that lets players win free bonus money.  There are shortcut buttons that allow players to quickly comment on the game; 3TG indicates that you have three numbers to get to the next prize, GL means good luck and WTG stands for ‘way to go’ which is used to congratulate a winner.  Bonus games may be simple questions and answers, guessing an object or simply a bonus for players that win on a certain number.

Chat rooms for bingo sites may not suit everyone but they are worth a try as chatting to other players can be fun and they give players other people to celebrate or commiserate with, as well as the chance for some bonus funds to play with.

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