In-match betting

With the advent of internet betting which enables minute to minute updating of the odds, in-match betting has become very popular.  This style of betting allows bets to be placed during a match or game which would previously have not been possible

This type of bet is particularly popular with football matches; as the game progresses fans can bet on the next player to score, what the final goal line will be, how many cards will be shown and the number of corners to be taken.  This allows gamblers to place another bet if their original wager has gone wrong; maybe the wrong player scored first or the predicted goal line has been exceeded.  It also lets fans respond to the way a team is playing and what strategy the manager has gone for, and although the odds may not be as good as they would have been for a bet that was placed in advance, this is still a fun and fast way to gamble and adds an extra element of interest to watching live football matches.

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