How to Play Progressive Slots

Progressive slots are now a very popular way to play slots.  As the name suggests, progressive slots are a type of online slots where the jackpot payouts grow progressively as more money is played on the machine.  The more bets that are made the larger the jackpot becomes. 

There are three types of progressive jackpots:

•    Stand Alone

     Stand alone progressive jackpots are where the jackpot builds on a single machine.

•    In House

In house progressive jackpots grow from a network of linked slots based within the same online casino.

•    Wide Area

Wide area progressive jackpots grow from a network of linked slots that are being played across multiple online casino sites.

What happens when someone hits the Jackpot?

Once the jackpot has been won on a progressive slot game, the jackpot will revert to the default amount ready to start accumulating again.

What are the odds for progressive Slots?

The odds of winning the jackpot when playing progressive slots are slightly improved over playing a straight game of slots; typically players have around a 2% higher chance of winning.

How do I win at progressive Slots?

All casino slot games are based on luck, but in order to win the progressive jackpot a player must bet on all of the slot machine’s pay lines.  As a player is betting on all pay lines they must make sure there are sufficient funds to go the distance or alternatively try playing slots games with a lower maximum bet, then the player can keep going for longer.  Remember, each pay line could be a winner therefore you are playing multiple bets at the same time.

Bear in mind that it might be worth while placing the maximum bet on a progressive slots game as the difference between jackpot winnings when placing the maximum or minimum bet can be quite substantial.  But remember never bet more than you can afford to lose. 

Where can I play casino Slots?

Most online casinos offer registered players progressive slots games and there will usually be an option to play free slots before committing any real money.

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