How casinos keep you gambling part 1

Gambling is big business and the longer the casino keeps you betting the more money they make. Casinos are set out specially to maximise the excitement of gambling whilst making a comfortable environment in which to play.

In this two part article we’ll show you some of the subtle ways in which casinos try to keep gamblers inside their doors for longer.

Where are all the clocks?

Most people own at least one watch, but a vast majority still don’t wear one regularly. The casinos know this and purposely don’t have any clocks so that gamblers lose track of time. Casino games are designed to be engaging and the more time you spend playing invariably means a bigger profits for the casino.

A lack of windows

Although the front of the casino will have big windows to entice perspective gambler through the doors, the main casino will have no windows whatsoever. This is a similar tactic as having no clocks and serves the purpose of gamblers not knowing what time it is and whether it has got dark or light outside.

In addition, having no windows means that gamblers cannot see anything interesting happening outside which might entice players to move elsewhere.

Lights and sounds

Bright lights and big sounds stimulate gamblers and subconsciously tells them that everybody else is winning why don’t you try it. Even when you are losing on a given machine the sounds and lights are still lively and euphoric to entice you to spend more and chase the win.

A comfortable environment

Even though the slot machines may have bright lights and big sounds the casino lighting on the whole is designed to be mellow and comforting, much like sitting in your living room at home.

The ambience of the casino provides a homely and safe feeling and the décor is specially designed to be welcoming and pleasing to the eyes.

Casino music is also chosen to be soft and comfortable, just like the sort of music found in shopping centres and the clean environment help players to feel catered for whilst providing them with a nice place to stay and play.

Layout of casino services

Wherever you go in a casino, whether it be to the toilet or for something to eat or drink you are bombarded by an array of different machines and tables. You will find that most of the casinos services will be towards the rear of the casino meaning that you have to walk past all of the exiting casino games before reaching your destination, and the casino hopes entice you to make impulse bets on your way.

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