How casino keep you gambling part 2

In part two of this article we’ll show you even more ways in which a casino tries to keep its customers gambling for longer.

Near wins keep you gambling

Casino games whether it be a table game or a machine are specially designed to make the gambler feel like they are in control and that the game is winnable. Near wins give the impression that the game is going to have a big payout sooner rather than later and this keep players betting for longer.

Casino games will also payout small amounts in the short run giving players the confidence to keep betting even though they are losing more than they are winning.

Free or cheap services

Freebies or reduced priced services are another way in which the casino aims to keep players in their casinos. Bettors will often receive coupons for free meals, shows or offers within the casino; this makes the player feel important and increases the change of the player coming back again and again.

Free alcohol

This is another tactic used by casinos to keep patrons betting and who doesn’t like a free drink. Alcohol has an added bonus for the casino as it makes players more reckless and inhibits the ability to make informed decisions.

Keeping the high rollers

The casino ultimately makes more money from small bettors and amateur players than it does from its high rollers, but they still offer big bettors things like free suites in the casino and private games. As long as the gambler is still in the casino the more chance they have of losing big and adding to the casinos profits.

The casinos labyrinth design

Casinos are notoriously have to navigate and are basically one giant maze designed to keep gamblers for the maximum amount of time and thus more chance of them betting.

Barriers and shutters are used so that patrons have to literally walk past every machine and table to get around giving the casino more time to entice you into betting.

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