Having fun with Video Poker

Video Poker is a whole range of online poker games played via an internet browser and it is also played on machines in casinos.  In either version, the game is a virtual, random number generated replication of the traditional poker card game played against the house by a single gambler. 

The machine form of video poker developed in the 1970s, when advances in technology made the union of a television monitor and solid-state processor possible. By the end of the decade, Las Vegas casinos featured machines playing a variant of five-card poker with people who either wanted a new slot machine-style experience or found the table version of poker intimidating. The game became a favourite in local casinos where, although prize money is lower, the odds of winning are better.

To enter a game, the player buys a block of credit with hands played for, say, 25 cents minimum bet.  Normally, stakes are in multiples of that sum. A random number generator, exposing the first five of the 52 (or 53 if playing a jacks wild game), deals the cards. To earn the maximum bonus wins, the player might consider always betting the maximum. The winning poker hands conform to the normal poker rules, with the winnings calculated according to their rarity.

There are many typical video poker games – Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Jacks Wild, Double Down Stud and many more, and multi-hand games as well. Games offer a theoretical return of around 99%, which means a player committing $100 (£65) will lose $1(65p) over the long run if they are a good player.

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