Getting the advantage with blackjack

Blackjack is a game that is at least 400 years old and during that time there have been many players who have tried to beat the house using a variety of strategies. Cheating is obviously not an option; however, advantage play is often practised and involves using the memory, eyesight and rapid mathematical equations. These techniques are not illegal, but those who are caught using them are very likely to be ejected from the game.

Card counting

Although many people have probably heard of card counting, actually implementing it during a game takes a great deal of practice. As the dealer presents cards in the game, a card counter can make a mental note of what cards have been shown and use the information to ascertain what are left in the pack. This enables a betting strategy to be used to take advantage of the information presented. If no high cards, such as tens or aces have been dealt then there is a good chance that they will soon make an appearance and the player can use this to his or her advantage.

Shuffle tracking

A shuffle tracker is able to identify where the good cards are in the deck by keeping track of groups of cards. Shuffle tracking takes a lot of concentration and keen eyesight, but it is said to significantly increase the player’s odds of winning. Blackjack enthusiasts also use a form of concealed card identification, where distinctive signs of wear on the cards can identify their position in the deck.

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