Check the bonuses

Just about any online casino will give you a sign up bonus and although being offered £100 for nothing may seem too good to be true, it might just be, so check. There will naturally be terms and conditions attached to the money, it may be that you have to match the mount and use you money first, bonus schemes vary from casino to casino so check it out first.

Many online casinos also run a loyalty scheme which is paid out on a monthly basis, normally this is paid out only when you have played, or wagered a set amount each month, so again check out the terms, these can be very attractive and certainly worth having. Whilst some online casinos pay the bonus each month, some only pay it out once to a new player signing up in the month.

Not all online casinos offer this, so if you find yourself playing on a regular basis each month and your casino does not have a monthly bonus scheme, find one that does and rewards you for your regular custom at the tables or slots. You will find plenty that do reward you and often this monthly bonus is far better than a sign up bonus, so even though a casino amt offer monthly and no sign up bonus, you could be better off, check around and paly with the casino money.

Picture: Jana McLaughlin

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