Champion jockey wager

Horse racing is a sport that is followed by millions and just as many have fun and leisure following jockeys and horses and taking the opportunity to place a bet on them.

When the remarkable jockey A.P. McCoy started his career and rode his first winner at the age of 17 in 1992, how many people would have put a bet on him becoming the champion jockey no fewer times than a consecutive 18 times, just think of the odds that you could have got at the start of his career, a nice juicy payout we would imagine.

Another good bet would be the number of winners he would ride, remember he beat Richard Scudamore’s total of 1,699 as far back as 2002 and also passed Scudamore’s record of champion jockey, who had an impressive seven consecutive titles as well.

The records set by this jockey are to say the least very impressive and it all goes to prove that logging onto your favourite betting site, you can have lots of opportunities to wager on many things apart from which horse will win. You can get odds on most things, so try forecasting who will be the next champion jockey, or if anyone will surpass McCoy’s remarkable achievements.

Picture: Paolo Camera

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