Take advantage of free bets

Many online betting sites and casinos offer free bets as a way of enticing customers to bet with them. With Cheltenham betting in full flow, many bookmakers are offering great free bets for people to take advantage of. 

Free bets work by giving you a set amount with which to play, usually as long as you have matched that amount with a deposit yourself. For example, a bookmaker might offer a £30 free bet should you open an account with them and deposit (and bet) £30 of your own money. When you choose to take advantage of this offer you are usually free to bet the ‘free’ amount on anything you like, but should your bet win you do not get to keep the initial stake, which is retained by the bookmaker and you are left with just the winnings.

Free bets are a great way to have a bit of betting fun without risking your own money, and with most online bookmakers offering free bets the choice of which one to take advantage of is yours. Choosing your UK casino online can be a daunting task will various special offers and promotions to consider, but searching around and reading customer reviews is the best way of finding the right casino for you.

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How to find the best online blackjack games

Gamers playing blackjack online will find it just as thrilling as land-based casino blackjack.  Not only is it much more convenient to play the game from a computer, laptop or handheld device, novices may find it much easier as well.  Some online casino websites provide online interactive tutorials to teach the uninitiated all the tricks and strategies involved in blackjack.

A typical live blackjack casino might provide two ways to play blackjack.  The gamer may download an app to enable him to play the game offline, or alternatively he may be able to click on the “instant play” tab which requires no download.

When searching for casinos online to play blackjack it is worth looking at what they have to offer.  Newcomers may be interested in demo games where they can practice with play money.  This means they will not be putting any of their money at risk while they are learning to play and getting acquainted with how the system works.

When the gamer is ready to open a cash account the casino may even offer a deal where it adds money to the amount lodged.

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Online Poker – fun to play or watch

Poker is one of the most popular games in casinos.  Belonging to the family of card games, the winner is decided on the basis of the hand they have formed.  It has risen from being an entertaining game to a competitive sport.  The game involves skill, patience, psychology and thus has an adrenalin rush to it.  For new players the game does not have to be that intimidating.  Online poker gives the opportunity to play from the comfort of home, cuts the hassle of travelling, and removes any added expense you might pick up at a venue.  Free games are available for players to practise and hone their skills.  Online poker is designed to imitate real venues, giving a life-like experience.  Players can chat amongst themselves, share virtual drinks or just stand and watch the game.

Poker has its variants, namely Straight, Stud Poker, Draw Poker but the most commonly played is Texas Hold’em.  Most online casino websites offer betting bonuses to play. Upon joining, the player can choose from a list of tables to play. Tables can vary in the number of players, maximum pot and payouts. The latest websites use software that is fair and secure, giving players a satisfying experience. Since running an online poker table is more cost efficient than running a live poker table payouts are better.

Online poker has increased the popularity of the game by making it a spectator sport. Poker tournaments can now be watched on television and poker stars are now celebrities. Get online to play poker without putting up a poker face.

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Playing slots machines online

Slots are, without a doubt, one of the most popular forms of casino game. There are many different types of slot websites on the internet; they offer literally hundreds of different variations of the game.

How to play slots

Most slot machines follow the same basic set of rules. They require the player to line up a set of images in a specific order. These images are placed on reels, which spin and stop at random when the player makes a bet. In most cases, the images on the reels feature either fruit or money signs.

Slot machine rules vary, according to the specific game. In some cases, all that is required is a straight line of identical images, whilst with others specific patterns will be needed in order to win the bet. In some cases, different combinations may also be required. The value of the pay-out varies from machine to machine.

Slot themes

Slot machines have a huge variety of themes. Although they in no way affect the game itself, they do provide something different to look at if players become bored with a specific game.

Payment processing

Whilst most real casinos require the player to deposit real cash in order to play a game, online slot machine sites tend to require a card payment. This system means that players can deposit and withdraw money using their personal bank account. Some casino websites also provide their members with other withdrawal options, such as through a third party payment processor or by cheque.

Casino games – a great way to socialise

Cards, dice and random numbers have been bet upon and played since ancient times, and have never gone out of fashion.  The versions that are played in 21st century casinos are slick, practised affairs, with well-trained croupiers and high-level security to prevent cheating.

The most popular games found in casinos around the world have existed in their current forms for a couple of hundred years to date.  There are at least 33 different games, with the largest number involving cards and a very few requiring dice or random numbers.

Every game has its strategies and rules and they are easy to learn because they are designed to get people involved.  Whether or not you crack them so that they help you win is a matter of luck, timing, experience and other players.

Some popular card games to look out for in your local or holiday casino are the easiest to learn and to practise.  Texas Hold’em poker is a sociable strategy game at lower stakes and a tough but polite competition at all stakes.  Blackjack is an easy card game with a simple premise, to beat the dealer without going bust.  Craps has added complications with its excessive use of specialist terms, but with a short vocabulary list, is easily conquered.

Baccarat has reputedly been played since the 1400s and an American variant, Punto Banco is a straightforward game of chance, with the players given no opportunity to make choices.

A trip to the casino is an excellent day or night out with friends and family and does not have to be an expensive experience to remember.

A quick guide to roulette

Roulette is one of the oldest casino games but remains one of the most popular and exciting today.  The earliest version was designed and played in France in the 18th Century and the name means ‘little wheel’.  The game draws influences from other early wheel games from England and board games from Italy and France, one of which was also called roulette.

A casino roulette table has the wheel on one side and the betting area on the other.  The wheel tilts inwards and contains a ring of numbers 0 – 36 which are coloured alternately red and black.  The wheel is spun and a ball is released in the opposite direction. The object is to bet on the number on which the ball finally lands.

Once the wheel has been spun, the players place their bets by placing their chips on the betting area.  The betting area is arranged so that players can place their bets on individual numbers, a combination of numbers, odd or even numbers, or on red or black numbers.  A bet on an individual number pays out at 35 to 1 whereas an odd/even or black/red bet pays out at 2 to 1.

Roulette, like all casino games has rules and etiquette.  The croupier must keep the wheel spinning at all times, they will mark the number where the ball landed and new bets may not be placed until the marker is removed.  What is more, in casinos, players must each use different coloured chips to distinguish their bets from one another.

Which casino games will you choose?

There are literally hundreds of different casino games on offer.  Most of them can be played online through gambling websites, which is perfect for people who enjoy gambling in their own controlled environment.  Below is an overview of some of the most popular and commonly found casino games.

is the most commonly played casino game in the world.  Also known as twenty-one, the aim of the game is to try to accumulate cards which total as close to twenty-one as possible.  In the event of exceeding this number, then the player will go bust and will lose.

Roulette is one of the most recognisable casino games in the world.  The game is very simple.  The player must place a chip on a specific part of a table, with each section representing a different ratio of pay-out.  The dealer then places a ball into a spinning device that has a collection of the table numbers on it.  If the ball lands on the same number as the chip then the player wins a pay-out.

Slots are found in virtually every casino.  Most slot machines will differ from each other, allowing players to have a change of scenery throughout the duration of their play as they can move between the machines. To win at slots, the player has to place a bet and then either push a button or pull a lever to spin a collection of reels that contain various pictures.  If these pictures line up in a certain order then the player will win a pay-out.

Home: the least expensive option for gamblers

Like so many other forms of entertainment, gambling has gone online. Regardless of whether you want to play blackjack, or try your hand at roulette, there is the perfect casino for you online. One of the advantages of playing online, is that there are tutorials to explain how to play all of the casino games, in addition to information concerning strategy and the odds of winning. In some cases, you can play some of these online casino games for free, but in other cases the games cost just as much as they would in a physical casino. However, in a real world casino the overheads of running the building and paying the staff, reduces the profits and payouts, while in the online world this is not an issue.

With travel becoming more expensive every day, the added attraction of gambling from the comfort of your own home is the opportunity to avoid high petrol prices and even higher airfares. Those who play casino games online, soon realise that the best part of going to a casino is the gambling. Every other aspect of the experience can be found more cheaply and closer to home – including the shows and the food available at many casinos.
Perhaps, one day, a holiday at a first rate casino with its bright lights and beautiful surroundings, will be more financially accessible. Until then, gamble online and enjoy the excitement at a fraction of the cost.

Playing casino slots

Casino slots can be a great way for people to pass some time and win a bit of cash in the process.  One of the best things about slot machines is the sheer amount of choice that players can take advantage of.  Most slot machines will be based around a theme, which makes them visually appealing.  They will also heavily vary in jackpot amounts and buy in rates.

The rules

Most casino slots will have the same rule system.  They will require the gambler to place a bet and then either pull a lever or push a switch.  This will cause a number of reels to spin; usually between three and five. These reels will each contain a collection of images.  If the reels stop and the images line up in a specific order then the machine will give the player a pay-out.

Playing online

People who enjoy gambling can play slot machines over the internet.  There are a large amount of different slot machine gambling sites out there that will allow users to gamble real cash.  One of the benefits of using an online slot machine service is that they will give players the chance to test their skills and practise with fake money before they risk playing with real cash.  This can be a great way to figure out what to expect and to make sure that the rules are fully understood.

When people gamble online, they will usually have to deposit money using a credit or debit card.  This money can then be used to gamble.  When real cash is won the player can usually be paid in a variety of different ways.  Most websites will be able to send a cheque directly to the user, whilst some can simply place the cash back into their account using a wire transfer.

Blackjack giants

Casino blackjack, as with any other form of gambling, brings forth a small number of men and women who excel at their chosen game. One of them is Edward Thorpe, a mathematics professor who was born in Chicago in 1932. Thorpe’s brilliant analytical mind proved to be a tour de force on the blackjack table.

Thorpe is attributed as being the first person to ever use a computer to make mathematical equations relating to the odds and probabilities of the game of blackjack. After making numerous calculations and writing a book on the subject, which stated that the game of blackjack could actually be beaten by mathematical strategies, the professor took the bold step of attempting to prove his theories.

A man of the professor’s intelligence was bound to be able to count cards, something that casino owners do not take kindly to, but Thorpe continued to play the game in order to prove that his theories worked. The professor won a considerable amount of money on the casino circuit and reinforced his applied theories with conclusive evidence on the gaming tables, playing casino blackjack.