Blackjack Training DVDs

There is no greater thrill than mastering the art of blackjack, and witnessing a professional demonstrate how to play the game is an excellent way to do this.  Most experts insist that you need to count cards, and that you even need to have at least some idea of what the next card up will be.

Buy a well-produced DVD, master its techniques, and then practice in the crucible of gambling: Las Vegas!

You will know that you got your money’s worth if the video fulfils these requirements.  The expert should demonstrate blackjack slowly and clearly, and each chapter should follow in a cogent fashion from the last.  All interactive features should be easy to use.  You should be able to access and play your favourite lessons without any hassle.

How difficult is card counting, really?  Is it necessary to do crazy long division in the middle of a crowded casino?  No.  The only absolute necessity is that you keep a running count in your head.

A blackjack training video worth its salt will feature the following:

•    How to decide whether to hit, double down or stand.

•    Efficient betting and dependably winning strategies.

•    How to disguise your card counting activities.

•    How to interact with your fellow players.

•    How to budget your stash and becoming a disciplined bettor.

•    The advantages of one-deck games.

•    How to hone your approach to the game.

If you go out and purchase a blackjack training DVD right now and study it diligently, you will be ready for Vegas in no time.

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