Blackjack giants

Casino blackjack, as with any other form of gambling, brings forth a small number of men and women who excel at their chosen game. One of them is Edward Thorpe, a mathematics professor who was born in Chicago in 1932. Thorpe’s brilliant analytical mind proved to be a tour de force on the blackjack table.

Thorpe is attributed as being the first person to ever use a computer to make mathematical equations relating to the odds and probabilities of the game of blackjack. After making numerous calculations and writing a book on the subject, which stated that the game of blackjack could actually be beaten by mathematical strategies, the professor took the bold step of attempting to prove his theories.

A man of the professor’s intelligence was bound to be able to count cards, something that casino owners do not take kindly to, but Thorpe continued to play the game in order to prove that his theories worked. The professor won a considerable amount of money on the casino circuit and reinforced his applied theories with conclusive evidence on the gaming tables, playing casino blackjack.

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