How to find the best online blackjack games

Gamers playing blackjack online will find it just as thrilling as land-based casino blackjack.  Not only is it much more convenient to play the game from a computer, laptop or handheld device, novices may find it much easier as well.  Some online casino websites provide online interactive tutorials to teach the uninitiated all the tricks and strategies involved in blackjack.

A typical live blackjack casino might provide two ways to play blackjack.  The gamer may download an app to enable him to play the game offline, or alternatively he may be able to click on the “instant play” tab which requires no download.

When searching for casinos online to play blackjack it is worth looking at what they have to offer.  Newcomers may be interested in demo games where they can practice with play money.  This means they will not be putting any of their money at risk while they are learning to play and getting acquainted with how the system works.

When the gamer is ready to open a cash account the casino may even offer a deal where it adds money to the amount lodged.

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How to play blackjack for beginner’s

Blackjack is a very simple casino game that can yield excellent results. In some establishments the game might be called twenty one; however the rules will almost always remain the same.

The rules

When playing blackjack the player competes against the dealer. When the game starts the dealer will give the player two cards and he or she must then add together their card numbers. The idea of the game is to get as close to the number twenty one as possible without going over. During a turn a player can either stick or bet; if they bet the dealer will give them one new card. This card will be added onto their total number. If they exceed the number twenty one they lose the bet. When the player feels they have got as close to twenty one as possible they should stick.

After the player has had his or her cards it is the dealers turn. They go through the same process. The dealer always deals if they are below seventeen and always sticks if they are over seventeen.

Aces count as either one or eleven. If a player gets an ace and a ten, jack, queen or king, they will automatically have blackjack. This means they will win the game if the dealer does not get the same number.

The rules of blackjack could vary slightly between casinos. It is therefore always a good idea to check the rules prior to starting a game. In some casinos the dealer will win if both the player and dealer get the same number, whilst in others it could result in a draw.

Online blackjack

Blackjack can also be played online, both digitally and through webcam. Most online casino websites provide players with a downloadable application to allow them to practice the game before they bet real cash. This feature can significantly increase the overall chances of winning.

Blackjack giants

Casino blackjack, as with any other form of gambling, brings forth a small number of men and women who excel at their chosen game. One of them is Edward Thorpe, a mathematics professor who was born in Chicago in 1932. Thorpe’s brilliant analytical mind proved to be a tour de force on the blackjack table.

Thorpe is attributed as being the first person to ever use a computer to make mathematical equations relating to the odds and probabilities of the game of blackjack. After making numerous calculations and writing a book on the subject, which stated that the game of blackjack could actually be beaten by mathematical strategies, the professor took the bold step of attempting to prove his theories.

A man of the professor’s intelligence was bound to be able to count cards, something that casino owners do not take kindly to, but Thorpe continued to play the game in order to prove that his theories worked. The professor won a considerable amount of money on the casino circuit and reinforced his applied theories with conclusive evidence on the gaming tables, playing casino blackjack.

Getting the advantage with blackjack

Blackjack is a game that is at least 400 years old and during that time there have been many players who have tried to beat the house using a variety of strategies. Cheating is obviously not an option; however, advantage play is often practised and involves using the memory, eyesight and rapid mathematical equations. These techniques are not illegal, but those who are caught using them are very likely to be ejected from the game.

Card counting

Although many people have probably heard of card counting, actually implementing it during a game takes a great deal of practice. As the dealer presents cards in the game, a card counter can make a mental note of what cards have been shown and use the information to ascertain what are left in the pack. This enables a betting strategy to be used to take advantage of the information presented. If no high cards, such as tens or aces have been dealt then there is a good chance that they will soon make an appearance and the player can use this to his or her advantage.

Shuffle tracking

A shuffle tracker is able to identify where the good cards are in the deck by keeping track of groups of cards. Shuffle tracking takes a lot of concentration and keen eyesight, but it is said to significantly increase the player’s odds of winning. Blackjack enthusiasts also use a form of concealed card identification, where distinctive signs of wear on the cards can identify their position in the deck.

Blackjack basics

Blackjack has some of the best odds of betting games.  Blackjack is played with a standard fifty-two card deck.  The only goal is to beat the dealer.  Each player is playing against the dealer, not against other players at the table.

To beat the dealer, the value of a player’s hand must be equal to or less than 21 but also higher than the dealer’s hand.  Both the dealer and the player are trying to get 21 points without going over 21.  If the value of a player’s hand is greater than 21, the player busts and ultimately loses.  The same rules apply for the dealer.  If the dealer goes over 21 points while the player’s hand is less than 21 points, the dealer busts and the player wins.

The dealer starts the game by dealing one card to each player.  The dealer is last to receive a card, and this card is placed face down on the table.  Termed the hole card, this card remains face down until the end of the game.  A second card is dealt to each players and the dealer, this time face up, and the game starts.  In almost all games of blackjack, one of the dealer’s cards is face up and one card will be face down.  Play continues with each player either accepting another card or not accepting another card, termed hitting and standing respectively. Ideally players will receive a blackjack hand.  An initial hand of two cards with an exact value of 21 is called a blackjack.

Casino Hints – The Rules of Blackjack

The most commonly played table casino game worldwide is Blackjack.  This popular gambling game is also called twenty-one, or vingt-et-un, and is thought to have originated in Southern Europe at the beginning of the 17th Century.  Games played in the casino with similar rules are Spanish 21 and Pontoon, which are both derivatives of Blackjack.

Blackjack is played with traditional 52-card packs, and pits the dealer against the player in a game of card comparison.  The number of decks used depends on the number of players.  The player is dealt two cards to start with; he is then allowed to look at his hand and decide whether he wants to ‘hit’, (take another card), or ‘stick’, (not take any more cards).  The aim is to bring the sum total of the cards to a value of 21, or as close to 21 as possible, without exceeding it.  If a player’s cards exceed 21 he is ‘bust’ and is no longer in that round of the game.  If the player has a higher sum total than the dealer, the dealer pays out, but if the dealer has a higher number the player forfeits his wager, as indeed he does if he exceeds 21.  There are opportunities during the game for players to double their wagers.  The skill in blackjack lies in a player being able to memorise cards that have already come out of the pack and to some extent work out the probability of certain crucial cards, such as aces and royal cards, and plan his playing strategy accordingly.

21: The Magic Number of Blackjack

Blackjack is a very popular online casino card game. With a mix of skill and luck, the game consists of a simple concept, and the potential rewards can be great.

Online blackjack casino games have one or more players and a dealer. After bets are placed a pack of cards is selected, shuffled and then each player competes with the dealer in the hope of getting blackjack (cards worth a total value of 21). A player is initially dealt two cards face up. The dealer then deals himself two cards, one of which is face up, for the benefit of the players.
The cards 2 to 10 use their face value. Jacks, queens and kings have a value of 10 and the ace has a value of either 1 or 11 (it should be established at the beginning of the game whether aces are ‘high’ or ‘low’). If the value of his cards is less than 21, the player can ask to be ‘hit’ and will be dealt another card. However, the player must beware. If the value of the cards exceeds 21, the player will be ‘bust’ and bets are lost, even if the dealer also goes bust. When a player does not want another card, they can ‘stand’, and the player and dealer will compare hands. The dealer must request a ‘hit’ until his cards total at least 17. If a player and dealer have hands of the same value (known as a ‘push’), the original stake is returned to the player.

To change the odds multiple decks can be used, but the aim remains the same.  Players can also split their cards and create two hands, placing wagers on each hand to increase their chances of beating the dealer.

Casino Blackjack

Blackjack is a variation of the French game vingt-et-un, or 21.  Like the British variant, pontoon, the aim is to beat the banker to a maximum score of 21.  The old British card-shedding game of blackjack is no relation.

Early American casinos offered a bonus if a player was dealt a black jack and the ace of spades, hence the name.  Nowadays, with the bonus withdrawn, “blackjack” still refers to a hand with any ten or face card plus any ace.

On a wide table, the banker deals two cards face up to each player.  The banker’s first card is dealt face up, and the second is dealt face down.  The players can request a “hit” – in which case they will receive another card – they can “stand” and keep just the cards they have, or they can “double down” – double the bet, take a single card, and stay with that.  It is also possible to “split” – run two hands off the first deal if both cards are equal – for instance, two kings, or two 9s.  A player may take more cards, trying to not “bust” by exceeding a total of 21, in which case they forfeit their bets.  When all players are done, the banker’s hand is played out; in most instances, the banker must have a minimum of 17 to stay.  The bank never doubles but can bust, pays out on better hands, returns bets on the same score, and collects on lower scores.

Blackjack is normally played with multiple packs of cards dealt from “shoes”, with used cards discarded, which encourages players to count remaining cards to improve their chances of winning.  Blackjack offers players one of the lowest “house edges” of any casino game.

Blackjack Training DVDs

There is no greater thrill than mastering the art of blackjack, and witnessing a professional demonstrate how to play the game is an excellent way to do this.  Most experts insist that you need to count cards, and that you even need to have at least some idea of what the next card up will be.

Buy a well-produced DVD, master its techniques, and then practice in the crucible of gambling: Las Vegas!

You will know that you got your money’s worth if the video fulfils these requirements.  The expert should demonstrate blackjack slowly and clearly, and each chapter should follow in a cogent fashion from the last.  All interactive features should be easy to use.  You should be able to access and play your favourite lessons without any hassle.

How difficult is card counting, really?  Is it necessary to do crazy long division in the middle of a crowded casino?  No.  The only absolute necessity is that you keep a running count in your head.

A blackjack training video worth its salt will feature the following:

•    How to decide whether to hit, double down or stand.

•    Efficient betting and dependably winning strategies.

•    How to disguise your card counting activities.

•    How to interact with your fellow players.

•    How to budget your stash and becoming a disciplined bettor.

•    The advantages of one-deck games.

•    How to hone your approach to the game.

If you go out and purchase a blackjack training DVD right now and study it diligently, you will be ready for Vegas in no time.

Which Online Casino to Choose?

Casinos offer some of the most popular online betting games and, after poker rooms, are considered to be the most widespread gambling sites on the web. Many fans of internet gambling turn to casino sites for their wide range of games and the big names, such as Ladbrokes or William Hill, offer online casinos in conjunction with their sports betting sites.

Online casinos operate just the same as the traditional land-based versions. Table games such as roulette, craps, baccarat and blackjack are widely available. However, as each site is powered by a different software provider (such as Realtime Gaming, Cryptologic and Playtech to name a few) the quality of graphics can differ quite considerably. Some sites run their own software to provide a unique gaming experience.

For those new to casino betting sites, it is important to know the ‘house advantage’ for each game. The house advantage (sometimes referred to as ‘house edge’) is best described as the casino’s winning percentage for a game. Roulette, keno and scratch-card games are best avoided by those looking for a better winning percentage, while blackjack and some slot variations can offer a more level playing field.

Wagers are placed just as they are in a real casino – via credit card, e-wallet solutions or bank transfer – and winnings are transferred into the player’s account. There is an abundance of online casino sites to choose from, so it is highly recommended to look for one to that will be most suited to your playing tastes and betting frequency.