What is online bingo?

Online bingo is an increasingly popular form of the game, which is played on the internet, using a random number generator instead of real balls. It is believed to have started in the 1990s and today there are an overwhelming number of websites like Gala Bingo and bgo to choose from.

There are four main types of online bingo played across the globe, which relate to the various versions played in traditional bingo halls in different countries. In North America, they play a 75-ball version on a 5×5 card, whereas in the UK, a 90-ball version on 9×3 cards is played; both versions are commonly found online. In the UK variation, the aim is to mark a complete line of five numbers. This initial stage is called ‘one line’.  The next row of five numbers marked is called ‘two lines’ and when three rows of five numbers are marked, it is known as a ‘full house’, which is the biggest of the three prizes. If more than one player wins, the prize is split equally.

When starting to play online, there are an enormous number of bingo websites to choose from. Some require you to download software in order to play, while others allow you to play immediately using JavaScript or Adobe Flash players. There are free bingo sites that will award you small amounts of money and others where the stakes are much higher.

Online bingo has a great sense of community, with gamers encouraged to chat to each other as they play. Talking during a game would be frowned upon in a traditional bingo hall, but online it is encouraged. Chat functionality is presumed to improve customer experience and keep players coming back for more.

Features and benefits of online bingo

A reputable online bingo games website provides not only fun and excitement, but a satisfying gaming experience overall.  A gaming website can specialize in bingo games or it can be one of several different games offered and players often have preferences about the style of bingo they enjoy the most.  Trying out several reputable sites is a good way of a player determining their own favourite type of game.

When choosing a bingo website such as Wiki Bingo, remember that reputable online bingo websites have stood the test of time. It would be worthwhile considering choosing an online bingo website that has been established for several years. The benefit in choosing this route would be that most problems and technicalities would have been ironed out compared with a relatively new website which may still be suffering some teething problems. An added benefit would be that many players on the website would have played the games and offered reviews of their experience.

Of chief importance is the security aspect of the website. A secure connection protects the player’s personal information. This type of connection can be determined by the addition of the ‘s’ in the website address (https://).

It is vital to read the rules of the website of your choice so that you fully understand the rules in order to maximise your enjoyment of the bingo gaming experience.  The FAQ page of the website should contain all relevant information.

Online bingo websites should feature a variety of bingo games for the player to choose from. The choice presented by the diversity of pattern games and blackout games among others furthers the challenge of the gaming experience.  Your chosen website should offer attractive promotions for players. Running promotions that provide an exciting experience for players and the opportunity to win fantastic prizes lets potential players know that the website has its player’s interests at heart.

Tips to winning at bingo

Each day, thousands of players visit online casinos or online bingo sites to enjoy this amazing game. The goal of all players is to be a winner, so there are a few tips that can help people increase their chances of bringing home a cash prize while playing online. Since Bingo is so popular, many of the online rooms can become full very quickly. To maximize the chances of winning, players should take some time to search for the rooms with the fewest number of players.

Players, especially those new to online Bingo should avoid buying more cards than they can handle. The games move pretty quickly and sometimes players take on too many cards and end up missing numbers. When playing in an online bingo room, try to select the auto-daub option if one is available. This will help when playing multiple cards and will ensure that no called numbers are ever missed.

Playing often will also help with winning. The more familiar a player is with the game and with the popular bingo patterns, the faster they can respond when a number is called. New players are urged to play a few games of free bingo to become familiar with the game before placing a real money wager on cards in an online bingo room.

The final tip to winning online is to choose bingo sites that have a positive reputation. It is always important to play at reliable sites such as Wiki Bingo when gambling online. This will ensure that the games are regulated and that they always provide fair play to all enjoying the game. Check out some reviews before playing and take time to learn the new bingo site.

Bingo side games

When players visit a Bingo site or go to a land bingo hall, they will notice that there are additional bingo games that can be played. These side games offer players the chance to win additional money while still enjoying the great bingo games that are offered. One of the most popular Bingo side games is the progressive game. This is a quick game that requires players to purchase an additional card. The goal is to cover the entire card in less than a certain number of balls, which will be announced before the game begins. If players are able to do this, they can win a progressive jackpot amount. However, if no player covers their card with the number of balls, a smaller consolation prize will be awarded and the jackpot will grow yet again.

Another side game that is often played in land bingo halls is the 50/50. This game will also cost additional money. When players purchase these cards, half of the money will be entered into a prize pool and that is the amount that can be won by winning this bingo game.

Many online sites will offer various side games and these are things that players should look for. Not only will they offer additional money to be won, but they can enhance the game and make things much more exciting for players.

Brand new bingo

There is a new generation of bingo players; the game having enjoyed a whopping 80% rise in popularity since the first online bingo games were introduced. This success is partly down to the increased accessibility of the game; in addition, more senior members of the community are playing than ever, as a safer alternative to leaving the home. A new, younger generation of players have also come to the forefront. Part of the reason for this is the constantly refreshed image and style of bingo sites.

New wave

Ten years ago, bingo sites were amateurish affairs, with garish graphics and poor design. They were also notoriously slow. These days the overall standard is far more organised and much more pleasing to the eye. Up to date modern variations of the game help to increase the appeal to players in their 20s and 30s, and it is this younger crowd that is helping the game grow.

As online bingo continues to increase in popularity the prizes and benefits on many bingo sites become greater in value as they compete for business. Many bingo and casino sites offer inviting incentives to attract new members, such as free bingo games.

How to Play Online Bingo – a beginners guide

Many people are well aware of the increasing popularity of bingo over the last few years. This has been evidenced by the increasing numbers of players in bingo halls up and down the country, as well as online.  Internet bingo is now more popular than ever and many new sites are opening up all the time, offering fresh and exciting online environments in which to get involved and win some money.  The only problem that some people have with joining in online is that they are not very confident using the computer for such things.  Here are some easy to follow guidelines on how to play online bingo, at such sites as, Wiki Bingo, and Mecca Bingo Online.

The first step for anyone wishing to play online bingo is to select which site they wish to use.  There are many things to consider, including price, usability, and prizes.

Signing up is essential for all sites.  This process involves submitting personal details as well as bank or PayPal details.  This is because the site will need to be able to access funds to pay for games, and will need a location or account to send any winnings.

Once the account has been opened, the user can begin playing straight away by joining one of the game areas.  If no credits are held in the site account, they can be bought with money from the user’s bank.  Any winnings can be deposited back into the user’s bank account, or used as credits to play more games on the site.

It is always a good idea to read each sites terms and conditions carefully to ensure full understanding of the rules of play.

The benefits of playing bingo online

Even if you are someone who has never played bingo before, it would definitely be worth investigating the online bingo scene.  It allows you to play this exciting game from the comfort of your own home and is a great social experience as almost all bingo sites have popular chat rooms built into them. 

One of the major benefits of playing bingo on the internet is that there are many bingo sign up offers which you can take advantage of.  These bingo offers are a part of almost any online gambling website and they will entitle you to an amount of free money to gamble with.

There are two major bingo sign up offers which exist.  The first is something called the ‘no deposit bonus.’  This is exactly what it sounds like and is the most popular type of bonus available.  It means that if you sign up to the website you will be given a certain amount of money to gamble with, without actually having to put any of your own money forward.

The second type of bonus, while less popular, will offer you a sum of money for free after you have placed your deposit.  This bonus is called the ‘deposit bonus,’ and this is where the Bingo Site requires you to deposit a certain amount of your own money before they give you any for free.  Often, these deals are very generous and in many cases they will double your money up to a certain limit.  For example, if you deposit £100, the Bingo Site will credit your account with £200.

These bonuses make online Bingo a very attractive proposition.  Having money to experiment with ensures that you will be able to practice a little before playing with your own money.

Centenary birthday bingo winner

There is a saying that you are never too old to learn, you could add to that, you are never too old to win a juicy $10,000 playing bingo, which is just what happened to lucky 100 year old Bernice Gursch. Bernice is known to staff, as well as the regulars, at the Aliante Station, North Las Vegas casino simply as “Aunt B” and is a regular weekly bingo player.

The win was a happy culmination of two weeks of celebrating her 100 birthday and was celebrated with members of her family who had gathered for the occasion. Bernice is originally from Chicago and is looked after by her nephew in her now adopted home of North Las Vegas. The win was a jackpot on the number 83 which Bernice had and we do not know if she has played bingo for 83 years, but it was her lucky number on June the 4th. Bernice stays sharp by reading the daily newspaper cover-to-cover, said she was anticipating a possible win. “I figured I had a chance,” she said. “I think God watched over me.”

VIP treatment at online bingo

If you want some VIP treatment when you log onto a bingo site, and who wouldn’t you will find this at most well-known casino operators, but one site in particular is trying to grab your attention. For bingo lovers at Bet365Bingo you can recoup cash back each and every week at their Bingo and Slot games play, this is how it works.

For Bingo you simply enjoy your favourite Bingo games on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. However, if you don’t win this is where you can get some cash, because they will give you 10% of your losses back on Thursdays and this percentage increases depending on your VIP level: you could get as much as 25% back. With the VIP slots, it works in a similar way and here all you do is to qualify by playing your favourite Slot games in the Instant Win section of the bet365bingo website rather than by playing Bingo itself. These games are also available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays each week and once again you can get up to 25% back on Thursdays. So Thursday can be pay day as it once used to be when we all got a little pay packet at the end of the wee, but here we are having fun as well.

Know where to play bingo

There are many places on the internet to play online Bingo, but sometimes people do not play just because they cannot choose a website that suits them.  It seems every site says, “play bingo here”, but how does a player choose the best site for the types of games they want and the best odds of winning?  Deciding what is most important for each player is the best way to narrow down the list of online bingo sites.

For example, beginners will want to look for websites that offer several simple games with one card so they can concentrate on the numbers as they are called.  Another way to simplify the game and concentrate on the rules and numbers is to find a feature called “auto-daub”, where the numbers are marked automatically by the website.  Players who are learning can also look for free bingo games, and move gradually to the more inexpensive games that charge small amounts such as 10 pence.  This way, not too much money is at stake while the player is in his or her learning curve.

Bingo websites that have a lot of activity in the online chat rooms are also excellent locations for beginners.  Spending some time in the chat rooms taking in tips from more experienced players can pay off in the form of earlier and larger winnings.  Many experienced players are also happy to share their favourite bingo websites, making it easier to find that perfect site.

Players should not be too quick to settle on one website, but should mark several of them as favourites and visit from time to time.  What used to be the best site may no longer be as players gain experience and skill, and they may want to move on to another website that suits their new skill level better.