Bingo will pay for IVF treatment

How about this for a stroke of luck then, Leanne Jennings, from Bromley in South London, scooped a huge £100,000 by playing bingo online, what’s more she is to use the online bingo winnings to pay for IVF treatment. It seems that Leanne was in a lucky streak as only six weeks previously she had won a juicy £1,280, but rightly was shocked when the big one came up!

The lucky lady is planning to put towards having the fertility treatment so she can have a brother or sister for her ten-year-old son Joey. Along with her husband Paul, she is planning to put a deposit down on a house and replace their 13-year-old car. So as you can see online bingo winnings can be used for many purposes, why not download your favourite online bingo site and join in the fun.

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