Bingo Bango

Eyes down!  Want to win prize after prize?  Cash, bottles of wine, boxes of chocolates, electronic gadgets, depending on where you play, you could be quids in, or have no need to buy in alcohol come Christmas time!  Bingo provides thousands of people with a fun and relatively inexpensive night or day out.

The big providers offer cash prizes in their thousands, with winnings up to around £30,000 for the luckiest players, but many players say that it is not what you win, but the winning that counts.

The best policy is to buy at least one book of six cards, so that you are constantly marking off numbers.  If you are first to mark off an entire line, you shout ‘house!’  Bingo employees will check your line, you will win a nice little prize, and the game will go on until someone gets a full card.

The odds are simple to work out.  They are the number of cards you are playing, divided by the number of cards that are in play.  You can look around, do a head count, and guess the average number of cards held by the people around you.  Work it out.  If there are 25 people in the room, holding an average of six cards, and you are also holding six cards, you have a four per cent chance of winning.  The fewer the people, the better the odds, so the best strategy is to hit the house on a slow day and just enjoy yourself.

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