Bingo and poker are only games

Playing online bingo or settling in to a hand of poker is fun, that’s why we do it, but never forget they are only games and they are at the online casino for your enjoyment. Sure we all like to have a gamble and hope to win some cash but be careful. You should never play for sums you can’t comfortably afford.

Always be truly honest with yourself and keep an exact record of all your wins and losses. Look hard and honestly, each month and at the end of each year, to see which games are the ones which you seem to score and those that you don’t there is no point in believing that you are doing better than you actually are. Online casinos, poker schools and bingo rooms are friendly places, keep ‘em that way and be nice to your fellow online players in the chat rooms. By all means chase that progressive bingo jackpot, and always use the free rolls that the casino is offering, the more you play the better you will become, above all enjoy yourself!

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