Bingo and lotteries

There are several ways to enjoy gambling without visiting a betting shop or casino.  Two popular examples are bingo and lotteries.


This is usually played in a bingo hall.  The player buys a card, on which numbers are printed.  A caller draws the numbers and calls them out, and the player marks off the numbers.  The aim is to mark off all the numbers on the card.  When all the numbers have been marked off, the player calls out: “Bingo!”  It is a versatile game that can be played for small prizes at village fetes or cash pay-outs in large bingo halls.  In some halls, it is possible to win large sums of money.


Lotteries can range from a simple raffle, where a ticket is bought to enter a draw for a small non-cash prize, to a state-run lottery in which a set of numbers are chosen.  Lottery jackpots can be several million pounds for matching the full set of numbers drawn, with smaller amounts paid out for partial matches.

Bingo and lottery games can also be played online, via reputable gambling websites.

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