Bingo – a game for any age

Bingo is a popular game for young and old players alike.  Children can learn the game from a very young age, whether playing for pride or sweets.  Adults can enjoy the excitement of Bingo as well, be it for fun or for a monetary prize.  Hosting Bingo fundraisers are fantastic ways for organisations to earn funding.

For the serious Bingo enthusiast, casinos offer regular competitive games.  Gamblers pay a fee per card and mark off numbers as they are called randomly.  Each card consists of a five by five matrix with the letters B-I-N-G-O across the top.  For each game, players must fill in spaces to make a certain pattern, typically a straight line.  Once this pattern has been filled, the player shouts “Bingo”, and, pending verification, wins the prize.

Bingo is also popular on cruise ships and online.  Many free online Bingo games exist, but for those looking to gamble from home, many websites like Mecca and bgo offer the option to upload money to an account and play for cash.

Many variations of Bingo exist, and players of all ages can easily find a game that suits their tastes.

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