The popularity of mobile bingo continues

With the ever increasing use of smartphones, for tasks that just a few years ago would have seemed impossible, it follows that it would not be long before we could play casino games on our smartphone.

Online bingo has proved to be a great success and you can now play this popular game where ever you happen to be on your smartphone, just as long as you have a connection either through your network provider or WiFi. Mobile bingo offers the same bingo bonuses online as the websites and with exactly the same games as your desktop computer.

You can choose your favourite casino and just stick with them, or you might download a few, but one thing that you may notice is that, although the colours as well as themes change, the basic layout remains pretty much the same. Why is this, well it’s because they are networked, this allows better jackpots and other tempting offers, they just pool resources and it makes sense, the more players, the better all round.

There are many bingo networks which you can access on your smartphone just the same as you would find on your computer at home. Some of the biggest include software from Playtech, Cassava (which uses 888), Globalcom, and Virtue Fusion. All the names will be familiar if you play on your computer, they just about had market dominance, now the smartphone is with us, it has not taken long for them to become one of the biggest providers in the mobile field.

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A quick guide to Bingo

This is not an article calling out the name of that infamous dog, but a quick reference guide to the game of Bingo, played to win prizes, usually of money, most common in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.  There are various ways in which the game tickets are set up, however the general premise of the game is to follow numbers and letters as they are called out by the bingo caller, and to mark them down on a card of randomly grouped numbers.

Bingo halls are very commonly found all over the place in the previously mentioned countries.  Very popular with the older members of the community, you can find this game on any given day or night in many places where gambling is allowed, and even recreationally in many social clubs and nursing homes, especially in the United Kingdom.  Grab your blotters and let the ink dots flow as you take your chance of being the first one to complete your game ticket and calling out ‘Bingo’.

Playing Bingo Online

Online bingo is becoming increasingly popular with people from all walks of life.  Once seen as a game enjoyed mainly by middle-aged housewives and elderly women, bingo is fast becoming the ‘game of the moment’.  There are many exciting online formats that leave players clambering for more.  Thanks to online gaming sites, players can participate in game play in the comfort of their own homes and at times that fit around their busy schedules. With technology advancing users can also enjoy bingo on their smartphones through bet mobile apps.

Most of the big-name bookkeeping websites feature online bingo, and offer great promotions to potential new customers, once they register with the site.  Examples include Ladbrokes free bets and William hill free bets.

Registration is a straightforward process that takes only a few minutes to complete, and customer support is available 24/7, should players have any queries.  Once your account is active, it is time to select a game.  Online bingo sites host a wide choice of games, including TV show theme-based games such as Deal or No Deal Bingo, and character-based games such as Joker Jackpot.  More conventional players will not be disappointed, as the traditional bingo format is also available to meet their needs.

Online chat rooms add another dimension to online bingo, as they provide a means for players to socialise whilst gaming.  Many firm friendships have been struck up in such chat rooms, and players can enjoy a ‘virtual night out’ while they play.

With all the great benefits online bingo has to offer, those who sign up to play will definitely feel as though they have hit the jackpot!

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Bingo benefits

Playing bingo online is fast becoming a real way to make some money doing something that is enjoyable. Bingo has flooded onto social media as people find more ways to vent their appreciation of this classic game. The game has come a long way from the bingo halls and coastal bingo games of the past.


The advantages of playing bingo online are aplenty, and the most obvious benefit of playing online is the increased accessibility it offers. There is no need to get dressed up and travel across town to the local bingo hall; just sit down at the laptop, tablet, smartphone or pc, and the game is quite literally at the fingertips of the player.

This accessibility adds an element of safety to playing a game of bingo. Single parents or elderly people may not want to go out at night-time in order to enjoy themselves; this could be for personal preference or out of necessity. Playing online also offers a range of gaming options that are simply not available in the traditional format of the game.

If a player is unhappy with a particular game, they can find a more suitable option at the click of a button. There is no need to endure sub-par services from online bingo sites, and shopping around will identify the range of bonuses and promotions that are available to new players from various sites.

Cheap night in

It is also cheaper to play online, and in some cases games can be played for free. The cost of getting to the bingo hall, buying refreshments and something to eat is wiped from the equation. The player chooses exactly how many cards they wish to buy, and the food and drink are in the fridge. As a result of this, the budget for the night is far less than it would be when going out.

Fun in bingo chat rooms

One of the main reasons why players use bingo sites is to enjoy the social interaction that can be found in online chat rooms.  The majority of bingo sites have this facility, where players can discuss games, life and play chat room games.  According to a leading poll, up to 70% of players admitted they found online chatting as much fun as, and in some cases even more fun than, playing actual bingo games.

Bingo chat room games are quick games that users can play while awaiting the countdown to the next big bingo game. The chat room games are hosted by a moderator, who ensures that the games run smoothly and that everyone has a good time. One example of a game is the moderator asking trivia questions. The first person to enter the correct answer is awarded a small prize, such as bonus points.

The moderator will explain the rules prior to the start of the game so there is no need to feel shy if you are new to the chat rooms.  Indeed, this is a marvellous way to meet and chat to your fellow bingo players.

Bingo Bango

Eyes down!  Want to win prize after prize?  Cash, bottles of wine, boxes of chocolates, electronic gadgets, depending on where you play, you could be quids in, or have no need to buy in alcohol come Christmas time!  Bingo provides thousands of people with a fun and relatively inexpensive night or day out.

The big providers offer cash prizes in their thousands, with winnings up to around £30,000 for the luckiest players, but many players say that it is not what you win, but the winning that counts.

The best policy is to buy at least one book of six cards, so that you are constantly marking off numbers.  If you are first to mark off an entire line, you shout ‘house!’  Bingo employees will check your line, you will win a nice little prize, and the game will go on until someone gets a full card.

The odds are simple to work out.  They are the number of cards you are playing, divided by the number of cards that are in play.  You can look around, do a head count, and guess the average number of cards held by the people around you.  Work it out.  If there are 25 people in the room, holding an average of six cards, and you are also holding six cards, you have a four per cent chance of winning.  The fewer the people, the better the odds, so the best strategy is to hit the house on a slow day and just enjoy yourself.

Bingo and lotteries

There are several ways to enjoy gambling without visiting a betting shop or casino.  Two popular examples are bingo and lotteries.


This is usually played in a bingo hall.  The player buys a card, on which numbers are printed.  A caller draws the numbers and calls them out, and the player marks off the numbers.  The aim is to mark off all the numbers on the card.  When all the numbers have been marked off, the player calls out: “Bingo!”  It is a versatile game that can be played for small prizes at village fetes or cash pay-outs in large bingo halls.  In some halls, it is possible to win large sums of money.


Lotteries can range from a simple raffle, where a ticket is bought to enter a draw for a small non-cash prize, to a state-run lottery in which a set of numbers are chosen.  Lottery jackpots can be several million pounds for matching the full set of numbers drawn, with smaller amounts paid out for partial matches.

Bingo and lottery games can also be played online, via reputable gambling websites.

Online bingo chat rooms

Most online bingo sites have a chat room to accompany the games and add a bit of human contact to the process.  A chat moderator will be in attendance at peak times to answer questions and maintain order.

Bingo players are not required to join in with the chat going on alongside the games they are playing but it can be a lot of fun; other players are generally friendly and the chat moderator (CM) will often play games alongside the bingo that lets players win free bonus money.  There are shortcut buttons that allow players to quickly comment on the game; 3TG indicates that you have three numbers to get to the next prize, GL means good luck and WTG stands for ‘way to go’ which is used to congratulate a winner.  Bonus games may be simple questions and answers, guessing an object or simply a bonus for players that win on a certain number.

Chat rooms for bingo sites may not suit everyone but they are worth a try as chatting to other players can be fun and they give players other people to celebrate or commiserate with, as well as the chance for some bonus funds to play with.

Online bingo games

Playing bingo online can be rather different to playing in an offline bingo hall; everything moves a lot quicker and there are varied styles of games.  The main idea is the same however, and there are some big prizes to be won without venturing out of the house.

Online bingo games will mark off the numbers on players` cards automatically, which helps to ensure that no numbers are missed but does take away some of the experience of playing bingo.  This method of marking cards means that players can buy and play many more cards than they would be able to if the checking process was manual as it would be impossible to keep an eye on more than the six cards that are usually bought in an offline bingo hall.

Online bingo games are often run with cards that cost as little as a penny.  These games tend to have lots of players and the jackpots are not huge.  Games with a bigger guaranteed jackpot are usually run at certain times of the day and have cards that can be bought in advance and cost more, generally between fifty pence and one pound, but this depends on the website.  Some sites offer games with free cards; these are usually only available to players who have funds in their account, or have made a deposit within a certain time, to make sure genuine customers benefit.

Online bingo has different qualities to classic offline bingo; mainly, the lack of the need to mark cards, but the rush of excitement when a card gets down to the last few numbers is still the same. Bingo portals such as Wiki Bingo provide advice and information about all of the top bingo site, including sign up and deposit bonuses and special offers.

Bingo – a game for any age

Bingo is a popular game for young and old players alike.  Children can learn the game from a very young age, whether playing for pride or sweets.  Adults can enjoy the excitement of Bingo as well, be it for fun or for a monetary prize.  Hosting Bingo fundraisers are fantastic ways for organisations to earn funding.

For the serious Bingo enthusiast, casinos offer regular competitive games.  Gamblers pay a fee per card and mark off numbers as they are called randomly.  Each card consists of a five by five matrix with the letters B-I-N-G-O across the top.  For each game, players must fill in spaces to make a certain pattern, typically a straight line.  Once this pattern has been filled, the player shouts “Bingo”, and, pending verification, wins the prize.

Bingo is also popular on cruise ships and online.  Many free online Bingo games exist, but for those looking to gamble from home, many websites like Mecca and bgo offer the option to upload money to an account and play for cash.

Many variations of Bingo exist, and players of all ages can easily find a game that suits their tastes.