What’s The Best UK Poker Site?

When looking to choose an online poker room there are a few things you need to consider. Many players spread their bankrolls across several sites, and while there is nothing wrong with this we thought it would be a good idea to see which poker site is the number one for UK poker players.

The only way to find out which site is going to be best for you is to use a search tool to find a trusted online poker room. It is worth noting that a site that suits one person may not be the one for another. How good are the avatars for instance, are there many tables in use and do you have to bank a minimum amount of cash at the start? One thing that the budding online poker player should look for is a site where they can practice the art of playing poker. Many have tutorials and others will let you practice playing online poker without having to lose money. Look for an online casino now and get started playing poker!

Bye, bye world cup!

Well it’s all over and we have a winner so what are you going to do with your evenings now? Wink Bingo had some really amazing world cup bingo games on during the tournament and they are continuing with their generosity now it’s all over. As always Wink Bingo has arranged for their online bingo players to be able to earn some impressive bonuses when they make a deposit after the weekend.

So if you need to make one on Monday 12th July then you can earn an 85% deposit bonus that can be used once on deposits between £10 and £100.  All you have to do is enter the bonus code: HAPPY into the cashier when you make your deposit.  If you are a fan of online bingo games or instant games then you are sure to find something at Wink Bingo to keep you entertained. So girls it’s Bye, Bye Footie and hello hubby, get him playing some online bingo tonight.

Who are the WSOP top money makers of all time?

The 2010 World Series of Poker main event is about to get underway and Easy Poker Club have been looking at the WSOP top 10 money-makers of all time. We find that in the top position is the 2006 World Series of Poker winner, Jamie Gold, who walked off with a whopping $12, 068,751 in what was the peak year for the main event before online poker prohibition in the States came into effect later that year, making it more difficult for players to access Internet poker rooms via their credit cards.  Additionally, after Jamie Gold, online players in America found it more difficult to qualify as there were fewer rooms and more restrictions.

However, WSOP winners since 2006 still keep knocking on Gold’s door.  All three of the remaining top 4 players have won more at the World Series of Poker than Gold’s predecessor, Australia’s Joe Hachem. We see that Phil Hellmuth, Jr.,  may be the current World Series of Poker bracelet record holder but he still just barely cracks the top 10 at number 10. Seven of the top 10 are Americans.  Russia, England and Australia are also represented within the top 10. We will just have to keep on playing to break into that top ten spot!

Poker information

The poker player information is not really relevant to winning a poker tournament, so it is perhaps understandable that people would not follow it.  Many people would disagree with that and an argument can be made that relevant information is indeed important and that it is indeed very important to follow it. Learning about your opponents skills and looking at their tournament record is important information it can give you an insight into the way that they play.

Along with most things the more information that you have the better you will be able to take on the task, whether that is online poker, or a difficult task at work. Whether you actually end up following the poker news or not, at the very minimum you should be paying attention to what is going on in the professional world of poker. Keep following the news!

Online Betting Tips

Traditionally, if you wanted to gamble you would head down to your nearest betting shop such as Ladbrokes or William Hill.  Here you could spend some time betting on the outcome of various sports or events.  However more recently gambling companies have expanded into the online area and have begun to offer the same opportunities for gambling on their own dedicated casino websites as in their betting shops.

Online gambling is a growing business, and there are many different betting websites around that offer gambling on sports, politics, television shows and even financial markets.  The types of bets offered on these websites are similar to those that are available in high street betting shops, and customers will also find many different games available to play as well – such as poker, bingo or roulette.

Online betting has the advantage over gambling in betting shops.  Using online betting websites means that you are able to gamble from the comfort of your own home.  This is great if you have decided to place a last minute bet and can’t make it to the betting shop in time.  Customers who are new to a betting website will also find that they are able to take advantage of many different incentives for joining.  Most often you will find that if you are a new customer you will be offered free bets to use on the gambling site.  Also, many companies offer benefits to existing members if they are able to refer any new customers.

Celebrate Wimbledon at 888Ladies

It looks like all the nation is hoping for a win at Wimbledon for Andy Murray and online bingo players are no exception to this. Favourite online bingo site 888Ladies is joining in as well with a special promotion and has made Andy the subject of its latest bonus. You get can behind the young star in his bid to make the final of the British Grand Slam and get an amazing 70 per cent bonus on any cash.

This is just another amazing offer from 888Ladies, but if you are too busy this week to join in the fun, you can still take part in the progressive jackpots the site has to offer. Every day there are eight bingo games with a fund of ÂŁ888 to be paid out for the first person to complete their game card. On top of that the amazing ÂŁ25,000prize is available, making it a totally un-missable game for players everywhere.

Get poker results on your iPhone

A new iPhone App is out for the 2010 WSOP season, this new and innovative application for the iPhone features WSOP event schedules, structures, and customized results for mobile platforms. You’ll find that the schedule is easily accessible and can be viewed in full or filtered to show events by buy-ins, types of games, or dates.

This new technology eliminates the players’ need for a structure sheet during tournaments and the confusion surrounding when the next affordable event will be held. After the events finish, the app will swiftly and accurately present tournament results and update often with information that WSOP players and spectators alike can use. The 2010 WSOP iPhone App can be downloaded on all versions of iPhone, iPod Touch, and the recently introduced iPad via the iTunes Store.

Although it is not currently possible to play online poker it might not be an impossible dream, although it must raise issues regarding security.

Why play online bingo?

The answer to that if you are a lady is probably because the television is being monopolised by all the males in the family watching World cup football and you are completely hacked off by it all! However, there are many other very good reasons; the hobby can bring winnings along with it.

Popular bingo sites like 888Ladies allow you to take to part in free bingo games and are a good way for you to try and get their hands on some extra cash. There are a few different versions that the online games centre around, but every game is based on the idea that in order to win you need to get a specific combination of numbers in a row. In a recent survey carried out by 888Ladies it was revealed that discovered 39 per cent of women would rather play bingo games than sit around tuning into the football, surprise, surprise!

The popular 888Ladies offer daily no deposit free games that offer winnings of hundreds of pounds. It is known that 888Ladies.com is the best multi player bingo sites on the internet; it’s licensed in the UK and doesn’t only offer you a huge range of fun; they have created a community of UK bingo sites you can really be involved with through fun games, scratch cards and chats.

Betting webites and their customer support

A betting sites’ reputation for customer service is a very important consideration for internet gambling enthusiasts. Although there are usually few reasons to contact a site directly, if their customer support is not of the highest standards, it would be best to take your business elsewhere.

It is widely known that the online gambling industry is extremely competitive and as well as the special bonuses and promotions used to attract new players, the reputable sites always strive to deliver effective and punctual customer support. Fortunately, with so much competition out there, every site has to reach exceptional standards in order to stay ahead.

One of the main reasons why sites such as Ladbrokes and William Hill have grown so popular is their reliable customer service. Whether it’s for sports betting, poker or casino games, players at these sites are quick to praise their respective support teams.

For the more reputable betting sites, there will be a phone number (sometimes free-phone) as well as an email address for players to get in contact. Customer service representatives should be trained to deal with all manner of payment and withdrawal queries, as well as software, tournament entries and other technical issues.

If your had a bad experience at a site, for whatever reason, it will be well worth getting in contact with their customer support team. Reliable casinos, sportsbooks and poker rooms will offer some form of compensation – usually free bets or bonus money added to your account – if they are clearly in the wrong.

888.com one of the most popular online casinos

888.com casinos were launched in 1997 and have since been used by 25 million people. The company is registered on the London Stock Exchange and boasts complete security. They also sponsor sports as well as snooker players such as John Higgins, and have even published a magazine called ‘Eight’.

As with all online gaming companies 888.com require you to fill in an online form to join and make a deposit in order to play. All the instructions are on screen and are very easy to follow. There is a minimum deposit of ÂŁ10 or $50 that must be paid before beginning to play.

The games available include poker, which has free rolls for new players, and the software is free and simple to download. There are also online tips and forums for players. 888.com also has online gambling on a wide variety of live sports ranging from American football to snooker.

Other casino games available include craps, roulette and video poker and there are always plenty of games to try out free of charge. There are bonuses for new players and regular ongoing bonuses for the loyal members of the site. For those members who are interested there is also a VIP programme.

The customer support service is good and there are contact telephone lines available as well as contact email addresses that promise a reply within 30 minutes. This is ideal for anyone having problems with the site or their account. There is also a FAQ site which is always the first port of call when there is a problem.