All about sports betting

Sports betting has been around for as long as there has been sport.  In more modern times, betting on sports centred on the betting shops.  As far as horse or greyhound racing was concerned, this activity took place at the on-course bookmakers.

For football, one of the most common ways to make a wager was with football pools.   With the pools, people would predict the number of draws from that day’s fixture list.  This form of betting, done by filling in a coupon, could result in huge money prizes for a very small outlay. 

In recent years, the whole sports betting industry has been revolutionised thanks to the internet and the increased amount of live sport on television.  This has seen the emergence of “live betting”, where bets can be laid while the event is still in progress.

A good example of live betting is football.  Where football fans would once have put bets on the result of a game, they can now wager money on such things as the name of the next goal scorer. 

Live game betting can also be used to bet on other sports such as tennis, snooker, basketball, rugby union and league, motorsports, darts and cricket and has proved to be a major development in the world of sports betting. 

There are various sports betting websites on the internet.  In general, they host a list of sporting fixtures which people can bet on as well as the odds for the results. 

Very often, sports betting enthusiasts will have to download free software onto their computers or laptops when joining a sports betting website.  An account will then have to be opened using a debit or credit card to place bets and receive winnings.  It is worth checking out if any special promotions are on offer when signing up on one of these websites.

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