Advice on golf betting

There are very many ways that you can bet on golf, but possibly the three most popular are on a particular golfer to win the event; that a golfer will be placed in the top three; or that a particular golfer finishes higher than another golfer. Naturally your online bookmaker will suggest many other options but those three are the ones that most people will wager on.

Of course there are odds, just the same as in many other forms of betting, to give examples of some well know golfers let us take Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Ernie Els. On a bet that one of them would win an event we have woods at 15/1, Mickelson at 25/1 and Els at 70/1. Now this means that if you placed £10 on Woods, you would get back £15 if he won, £10 on Mickelson would bring you £25 and so on.

When betting on a golfer to finish in the top three, the odds would be lower and this is because the bookmaker would pay off three different winning bets, as opposed to just one. So in this case the odds would look like this; Tiger Wood odds on at 1/16, Phil Mickelson 10/1, Ernie Els would come out at 20/1. This means that you would have to risk £16 to win £10 that Tiger Woods will finish first, second, or third.

The most common is a head to head and here it doesn’t matter to you who will win the tournament, just that your golfer finishes ahead of the other one. So if this case Tiger Woods will certainly be odds on and the other choice odds against.

For those used to sports betting, golf wagering will not present a problem and they can go ahead without a hitch.


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