A few tips for playing casino slots

Whether you are perusing the slots in a bricks and mortar casino or a virtual equivalent like Betfair Casino or 888 Casino, one rule of thumb holds for all: bet on all the pay lines.

Another useful tip is to resist the butterfly syndrome – flitting from slot to slot hoping for a better outcome. Try to stick to one.

There’s no getting away from it: when you play casino slots you are working with pure chance. But there are few basic tips that may help enhance your chances.

Always take care to read the slot’s pay table before you part with any cash. If you want to get your hands on the juiciest jackpot, not only should you bet on all the pay lines, you should also bet the maximum amount, though never spend money you cannot afford to be without – feeding next week’s grocery cash into the machine is a seriously bad idea.

Confine yourself to penny slots if you have a strict spending limit – you will not win a fortune but they are fun.

Stick to one machine and follow the three-point plan: bet all pay lines, bet the maximum amount and use the maximum denominations.

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