Gambling and gaming online

Anyone who is used to gambling or playing games such as poker, blackjack, roulette, bingo, or slots in a bricks-and-mortar casino setting should have no problem playing these games online. Indeed, there are likely to be some interesting variations of these games when playing on the internet.

Just as most gamers have a favourite casino, betting shop, or bingo hall, the first step is to decide which gaming website is going to fit the player’s individual needs the best when making the decision to gamble online. There are plenty of sites to choose from, and many of these offer enticing bonuses and incentives, such as matching initial deposits or bets, to get punters to sign up.

Additionally, many gaming and gambling sites offer an extensive selection of their games for free – using play money – which allows new players to become accustomed to the online environment and comfortable using the software. The hope, of course, is that the individual playing the free games will eventually open an account and start playing with real money. When someone does open an account it is simply a matter of depositing funds using a cash or credit card via a secure online transaction.

One bonus for people who have never played casino games before is that gaming websites usually publish the rules for the games on the site, and many have areas which offer tips and strategies for winning play. By reading these rules and instructions and then testing out what they have learned in the free part of the online gaming site, players can give themselves an excellent advantage right from the start.


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The internet gives gambling a new direction

Gambling and betting on the internet continues to gain popularity. Whether people are looking to engage in casino games such as poker, blackjack, or roulette, play bingo, or place a bet on a football match, it can all be done via the World Wide Web.

Because these activities have been recreated online, it has given gambling a new direction and opened gaming up to millions more people than ever before. All of the games and betting activities that were traditionally carried out in-house in places such as casinos, betting shops, and bingo halls are now available online. While these brick-and-mortar establishments certainly still exist, the internet has given gambling and gaming a new dimension; to play, it is now simply a matter of switching on a computer, laptop, or mobile device and visiting the appropriate website.

Perhaps the most convenient part of internet gaming is that it can be done almost anywhere, including from the comfort of the individual’s own home or, if they have access to a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone, while out and about. An added convenience is that while land based casinos, bookmakers, and bingo halls have set opening and closing times, online gambling and gaming takes place round the clock, seven days a week.  When gambling online, the bother of having to dress up before going to the casino or bingo hall – as well as the time it takes to travel there – is eliminated.

One thing that used to be missing from online gaming was the social aspect; a trip to the casino, bingo hall, or betting shop offered the opportunity to interact with others. Understanding that this social aspect is an integral part of the gaming experience for some individuals, many betting websites provide a chat facility which allows players to interact with fellow gamblers from around the world.

One major advantage to gaming online is that it offers new players the chance to learn the rules of the various games before playing them for “real” money, as most gambling websites publish the rules for their games somewhere on the site. Also, many sites give players the opportunity to play for free, which allows them to become accustomed to the online environment before deciding to risk their money.

Remote gambling set to be covered

Until now they have escaped the Gambling Commission Licensing system whereby the Horse Racing Levy Board has to collect a levy, which is a statutory levy from bookmakers involved in horse racing and this is subsequently distributed, with the aim of improving horseracing and also the breeds of horses in an effort to advance veterinary science as well as education.

The bill which has passed through all its stages is waiting Royal Assent and then will become law. The object of this bill is to level out the playing field in regard to remote gambling otherwise known as gambling using the internet with organisations that are registered overseas. These organisations do not require a licence from the Gambling Commission which all those in the UK require to operate remote gambling.

The news has to be welcomed by the UK based organisations as it means that they are all operating within the same guidelines and levies. This new bill will mean that all remote gambling operators will have to obtain a licence from the Gambling Commission if they want to carry out any transaction with a UK Customer and cannot advertise until they are in possession of one.

Advice on golf betting

There are very many ways that you can bet on golf, but possibly the three most popular are on a particular golfer to win the event; that a golfer will be placed in the top three; or that a particular golfer finishes higher than another golfer. Naturally your online bookmaker will suggest many other options but those three are the ones that most people will wager on.

Of course there are odds, just the same as in many other forms of betting, to give examples of some well know golfers let us take Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Ernie Els. On a bet that one of them would win an event we have woods at 15/1, Mickelson at 25/1 and Els at 70/1. Now this means that if you placed £10 on Woods, you would get back £15 if he won, £10 on Mickelson would bring you £25 and so on.

When betting on a golfer to finish in the top three, the odds would be lower and this is because the bookmaker would pay off three different winning bets, as opposed to just one. So in this case the odds would look like this; Tiger Wood odds on at 1/16, Phil Mickelson 10/1, Ernie Els would come out at 20/1. This means that you would have to risk £16 to win £10 that Tiger Woods will finish first, second, or third.

The most common is a head to head and here it doesn’t matter to you who will win the tournament, just that your golfer finishes ahead of the other one. So if this case Tiger Woods will certainly be odds on and the other choice odds against.

For those used to sports betting, golf wagering will not present a problem and they can go ahead without a hitch.


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Check the bonuses

Just about any online casino will give you a sign up bonus and although being offered £100 for nothing may seem too good to be true, it might just be, so check. There will naturally be terms and conditions attached to the money, it may be that you have to match the mount and use you money first, bonus schemes vary from casino to casino so check it out first.

Many online casinos also run a loyalty scheme which is paid out on a monthly basis, normally this is paid out only when you have played, or wagered a set amount each month, so again check out the terms, these can be very attractive and certainly worth having. Whilst some online casinos pay the bonus each month, some only pay it out once to a new player signing up in the month.

Not all online casinos offer this, so if you find yourself playing on a regular basis each month and your casino does not have a monthly bonus scheme, find one that does and rewards you for your regular custom at the tables or slots. You will find plenty that do reward you and often this monthly bonus is far better than a sign up bonus, so even though a casino amt offer monthly and no sign up bonus, you could be better off, check around and paly with the casino money.

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The popularity of mobile bingo continues

With the ever increasing use of smartphones, for tasks that just a few years ago would have seemed impossible, it follows that it would not be long before we could play casino games on our smartphone.

Online bingo has proved to be a great success and you can now play this popular game where ever you happen to be on your smartphone, just as long as you have a connection either through your network provider or WiFi. Mobile bingo offers the same bingo bonuses online as the websites and with exactly the same games as your desktop computer.

You can choose your favourite casino and just stick with them, or you might download a few, but one thing that you may notice is that, although the colours as well as themes change, the basic layout remains pretty much the same. Why is this, well it’s because they are networked, this allows better jackpots and other tempting offers, they just pool resources and it makes sense, the more players, the better all round.

There are many bingo networks which you can access on your smartphone just the same as you would find on your computer at home. Some of the biggest include software from Playtech, Cassava (which uses 888), Globalcom, and Virtue Fusion. All the names will be familiar if you play on your computer, they just about had market dominance, now the smartphone is with us, it has not taken long for them to become one of the biggest providers in the mobile field.

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Online sports betting strategies

Children do not play outside today as much as their predecessors did that is fact, now they play on consoles or other game devices.  Technology has moved on and it is also fact that adults also still gamble on sports, almost anything can be found online, including your favourite betting site.

Online sport betting is one of the best ways to take part in betting on your favourite sport, no longer do you have to travel to the betting shop, it is there in your room when you want it, day or night. Naturally to win a bet on any sport, you have to be able to predict the outcome, the winner, first goal, final score, naturally you will not be on your own, many thousands are also trying to predict the outcome, that’s part of the fun surely?

Any sport is undoubtedly a game of skill for the players. But when it comes to predicting the outcome it will stands on the borderline between a game of chance and a game of skill. Part of this skill is to be better informed, for example are there injuries, what is the history between the two teams, is there a winning or losing streak, this is where you must be careful for an upset, but also the chance to get some juicy odds.

One tip and a sure fire winner that we can pass on, never bet more than you can afford to lose.

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Enjoying free slots

Free slots, often referred to as fruit machines, are becoming more popular day by day; online slots are among the most enjoyed activity of online casino games. The older style sot machine or “one armed bandit” was certainly not as sophisticated as today’s slot machine, the older ones were based on a spring technology.

Free online slots allow users to play the game without cash and are basically for fun, but more importantly to allow the user to practice and to understand how to play. Online slots of course can be played anywhere, at home, at work during break times or on your smartphone travelling on the bus or train. The chances of winning depend upon your skills and other factors; remember that although there is skill, it is also a game of chance to some degree.

Once oyu have got the hang of the various slots, you will now be ready to try your luck at a real live online casino. You can sign into one of these and most, if not all, will offer you a bonus when you first sign up, this is effectively free money and it will give more opportunities to see and try all the different slot machines that you will find there.

Champion jockey wager

Horse racing is a sport that is followed by millions and just as many have fun and leisure following jockeys and horses and taking the opportunity to place a bet on them.

When the remarkable jockey A.P. McCoy started his career and rode his first winner at the age of 17 in 1992, how many people would have put a bet on him becoming the champion jockey no fewer times than a consecutive 18 times, just think of the odds that you could have got at the start of his career, a nice juicy payout we would imagine.

Another good bet would be the number of winners he would ride, remember he beat Richard Scudamore’s total of 1,699 as far back as 2002 and also passed Scudamore’s record of champion jockey, who had an impressive seven consecutive titles as well.

The records set by this jockey are to say the least very impressive and it all goes to prove that logging onto your favourite betting site, you can have lots of opportunities to wager on many things apart from which horse will win. You can get odds on most things, so try forecasting who will be the next champion jockey, or if anyone will surpass McCoy’s remarkable achievements.

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Poker Tips to make you a better player

Poker is the most popular card game at the casino and attracts millions of players worldwide. Whether you’re just starting out at playing poker or have played before, here are our top tips to becoming a better poker player.

Don’t play every hand

Probably one of the biggest mistakes that beginner and amateur poker players make is to play too many hands. If you cards just aren’t stacking up it is better to fold than to play the hand out. A good rule to follow is that if you are playing more than half the cards you are dealt you may want to look at your starting hand requirements.

Don’t drink too much

This is another common mistake, and because alcohol dulls the brain it can be a costly one. Even if a couple of drinks helps you to relax, it is not a good idea to drink, it can lead to more erratic betting and ultimately a bigger loss.

Don’t be afraid to fold during a hand

When you’re just starting out it is easy to think that just because you’re in the hand that you have to see it to the end. This can lead to a big problem especially if your cards are not that good. It is better to fold when you have the feeling that you are beat than putting any more money in the pot.

Pay attention to the other cards and players on the table

Poker is ultimately a game of skill and the more you know about the other players and the cards that have passed through the table the better the chances of winning. Watch how the other players are betting especially when you’re not in the hand; this can tell you a lot about their playing style and might shed some insights into any tells they may have.

Pick the right game

When starting out at poker it is important to play with players with a similar of worse ability than yourself. This will make the game more enjoyable because who wants to lose every hand or game they play.

Practise, practise, practise

As they say ‘practise makes perfect’ and it’s definitely true. Playing against your friends and family for low or no stakes is a great way to practise the art of poker. Playing on free internet tables is also a good way to gain some poker skills against real opponents without outlaying any cash.

Above all, have fun and start tuning your skills today!

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